Dress ideas for wedding guests

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mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Hi girls I know a lot of us will be attending weddings this summer and thought it'd be a good idea to post up some links to nice dresses to wear? I'm frigging clueless on what to get for a friends wedding in a couple of weeks so all suggestions will be welcome! I'm 5ft and an apple shape - any ideas?
redroses Posts: 714
Brilliant thread, i bought this dress last week from ebay, its a monsoon dress. [img:3qdcpf7p]http://i.ebayimg.com/14/!BzF9qpQB2k~$(KGrHqV,!jkEw41dobfmBMUdL-UrgQ~~_3.JPG[/img:3qdcpf7p] Oasis have some beautiful dresses at the moment, [img:3qdcpf7p]http://media.oasis-stores.com/pws/images/catalogue/products/5550029845/large/5550029845.jpg[/img:3qdcpf7p] [img:3qdcpf7p]http://media.oasis-stores.com/pws/images/catalogue/products/5550033811/large/5550033811.jpg[/img:3qdcpf7p] [img:3qdcpf7p]http://media.oasis-stores.com/pws/images/catalogue/products/5550029950/large/5550029950.jpg[/img:3qdcpf7p] [img:3qdcpf7p]http://media.oasis-stores.com/pws/images/catalogue/products/5550030421/large/5550030421.jpg[/img:3qdcpf7p]