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anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
I am sure you don't remember the hassle I had with my dress already but in a nut shell I ordered it in white, the company refused to send a swatch, and then said my dress wasn't made in white, even though they confirmed the order in white and it was advertised on their website as white. It was suppsed to be mid-May and I got a call today to say it had arrived :o)ll :o)ll I was so exicted and planning to see it on Saturday as the sample in the shop was ivory which didn't look too great on my skin. I couldn't believe it was finally in Ireland after all the hassle and she confirmed it was white - which is what I was so concerned about. Then 10 minutes later the shop rang me back to say the dress was white, but there is a big flower on the back which is kinda the reason I love the dress, but apparently the flower is an antique gold colour. :weep I am so fed up with this cr*p. The company are totally incompetent in my mind, and with 11 weeks to go I don't know what's happening. Apparently the girl dealing with the dress is off today and wont be back til tomorrow morning, so I have to wait and see. Why can't anything just run smoothly...and then the girl in the shop had the cheek to tell me not to panic! With the track record of the dealings I've had with the company, why wouldn't I panic. flip flip flip
Mama2 Posts: 1230
Good Luck. I'm sure it will all work out!
sevi Posts: 408
You poor thing you must be stressed now alright with only 12 weeks to go. I presume though that if the flower is in a different colour it is supposed to be, as in it is designed that way, and maybe they just didn't tell you that? With the one you tried on in ivory was the flower in a different colour? I'd try and stay calm until that girl calls you back tomorrow and then go in and see it yourself over the weekend, it might sound strange when you try to picture the flower in antique gold but it could look absolutely fabulous and really make the dress. I know it's hard when it's not exactly what you wanted or what you were imagining all this time, especially after the earlier hassle and when it's so close now, but I'd say try to keep an open mind about it and fingers crossed it will turn out ok for you in the end.
Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
Ah feck it- that's not on. How hard is it to actually process an order? I'd give them hell anyway after the hassle you've had already. Hope it works out- let us know
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
Thanks guys, just peed off with the stupid incompetent a$$es in the company - but might ask for compensation >:o)
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
is there anyway you could substitue the flower for the right one, that is source the one or something very similar to the one you would like to have on it and get it put on the dress (thats if the dress place doesnt help you with it which they should!)
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
[quote="Grace Ann":13lq0b5k]is there anyway you could substitue the flower for the right one, that is source the one or something very similar to the one you would like to have on it and get it put on the dress (thats if the dress place doesnt help you with it which they should!)[/quote:13lq0b5k] Yes Grace I am thinking of this. Although TBH it kinda sticks in my throat as I am paying quite a bit and there is no call for this nonsense. Am hoping to hear from the shop today so fingers crossed.
Heebie Jeebies Posts: 608
That's a nightmare, I actually think you're being very calm considering the circumstances . I'd be inconsolable if it was me. Stick with it, I bet it will all come right in the end :action32
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
So an update on this flipping dress: Got call from bridal shop owner on Friday evening about 8pm ish. (I ordered my dress with her, but as she is on maternity leave at the minute she has a girl working for her who I was chatting with last week). So the owner told me under no circumstances should I come down to see the dress, as it is horrific. Must be bad when she said that. Got a call this morning to say that the bridal company have now sent a few alternative flowers for the dress, and I can come and see them at the weekend. She says they are not the same as the original and may have to be altered, but at least there is an alternative now. Dear jesus, will this ever end. Is anyone else having this type of thing???
AllisonR Posts: 249
God that sound awful if the bridal shop owner was saying not to go and see it. At least they are working with you and not giving you more hassle, I've heard of a few places trying to get themselves out of a situation like that by giving the bride a hard time. Hope it all works out for you and you never know you might end up with an even more beautiful dress than you ordered! :wv