Early Pregnancy Scan in the Midlands?

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Mama2Be Posts: 295
Does anyone know where I can get an early pregnancy scan in the Midlands? I am going private to B'sloe, but am so nervous I wanted to go for an early scan, I know a friend of mine went for a private scan in Portlaoise, that she paid for, which I wouldn't mind. But would I be able to go to Portlaoise when I registered wiv Ballinasloe? I know Mullingar will not see me in the EPU if I am not registered with a consultant in that hospital! Anyone any clue on this?
Idina Posts: 1289
Your GP may be able to request you being seen in the EPU in portiuncla.
smiley29 Posts: 76
Hi there's a place in Castlebar in Mayo called innervision. You can get an early scan there from 9wks, think it costs €100. As far as i know the epu in b'sloe only does scans for people who have bled or have problem related to the pregnancy but can't be 100% sure on that.
myname Posts: 22
You can get one done in the well womans family planning clinic in Portlaoise, as fas as I know it makes no difference what hospital you are attending. The scan costs €100.