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black pearl Posts: 3513
thks mrsp, still cant believe it yet, am hoping all goes ok and its a sticky xxx
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
of course it will! You've been through it all before your an expert Im thrilled for you xx
kk2011 Posts: 67
Hey everyone, thank you so much for all the responses. It was great to hear your experiences... I hear conflicting things from people. Some say at the end of the day with the consultants its the woman's choice, where as others say that there's no way in hell you'll get one without a medical reason. Maybe it depends on the consultant. I would be very much of the opinion myself that it's our bodies so it should be our choice... After all, there's so much support if you want a "different" kind of "normal" birth. I sometimes think when it comes to women's healthcare there's a lot of telling us what to do as opposed to letting us trust ourselves. BEFORE READING ON, THE NEXT BIT MIGHT BE TRIGGERING FOR ANYONE AFRAID OF BIRTH...SORRY I know many people will think I am stupid and that I should be grateful that I have a baby on the way at all, but to be honest I have always had such anxiety about childbirth (since being a little girl) that I don't think I will get through the next months worrying about it. Before I even got pregnant, I would feel dizzy and ill if I saw or heard anything to do with birth. At the hospital at my first appointment, I was shaky being in the place where "IT" happens. I couldn't get out of the place quick enough, even though I had questions to ask the consultant I just couldn't stay there. I have good techniques for managing my anxiety during the day (denial usually, haha!) but I've not had a full nights sleep since finding out I was expecting. I will often wake in the night sometimes on the verge of an anxiety attack, it's like the thoughts start coming even when I'm trying to prevent them. I woke up in an awful state last night because I had posted this thread before going to bed and it was on my mind. I know it's not good for me or for the baby to be like this. A section is scary to me too, but it's not half as scary as the idea of birth. It's not even the pain thing that's bothering me, it's the fear of things going wrong, needing interventions, being torn/cut etc that horrifies me. And then you might need a section anyway, but then it's an emergency and more riskier. I think what I am going to do is write down on paper my reasons for wanting the section and insist they put it in my file the next time I go to the hospital. I've been trying to start this for weeks and haven't got the courage to actually do it. I just really want to be able to be allowed to make the decision about the kind of birth i would prefer. in the UK now, the NICE guidelines that the NHS work on, allow women to make the choice once they've been informed. Sorry for rambling on...
MrsAug2010 Posts: 257
Oh kk2011 I hope you're ok, have you thought about talking to a counsellor or looking into doing gentle birthing, even if you decide to go for a c section you might find it relaxing, help you to sleep, It really helps me.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
OP I think if you choose your consultant wisely you might be able to have the birth you want. I had an elective section as baby was breech. It certainly wasn't my first choice but if we go again I'm open to a second section, and I was all for as natural a birth as possible. I went private and will go back to the same consultant if I have another as she made it very clear it was totally my decision whether I went for a VBAC and if I wanted a section that was perfectly fine. I know from others that not all consultants are like this and some really push for VBAC and aren't accomodating at all if you don't want to go that route. So I'd do a lot of research as before you decide to go with one consultant, make sure they are open to your plans. Going private, in my experience only, gives you more options.
Luka Posts: 1904
[quote="MrsPositive":2lchlaxc] Luka is KGH Kerry General Hospital?[/quote:2lchlaxc] Yes MrsPositive it is.
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Sure we re neighbours so! Cork/Kerry
kk2011 Posts: 67
Thanks MrsAug2011 for the PM, I would like to give that a go all right, if even for the relaxation. And Mrs Positive thanks to you too I've sent you a PM also..
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
just sent you a message back there kk. Luka I always thought you were from Dublin for some reason.... glad you had such a positive c section experience, did you find that say once the whole thing had healed that you felt back to yourself again? ie like it never happened and your body was back to 'normal'. I dont mind having a scar either, I think now they seem to be very well stitched and very thin right?
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
I know a few people who had planned sections for for reasons that were not necessarily medical - but for very real reasons - anxiety etc. They had no problem with their consultants when they explained their reasons. It is easier under the private system - even though I'm sure there are still some consultants who may resist it either way. I think the term 'elective section' is used in the wrong context at times. AFAIK all sections are elective if they are not emergency. Therefore there are a wide range of reasons that someone may need an elective section, while not necessarily choosing that option.