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MBM Posts: 72
Hi! Just wondering if anyone here had one? We're having one next Saturday! I've searched on this and haven't found any posts on one.... We're just having a few platters and the FR tree! Not planning on doing a speech and it probably wouldn't be practical either as it's in a bar in town!
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Put a few balloons up as well get an area cordoned off if poss and let the drink flow. Ferreor rocher tree is v fancy for an engagement party!!
vulgarpicture Posts: 571
Any excuse for a party that's what I always say! Have fun
chiara k Posts: 97
Hi Michael, I'm not stalking I promise :-8 , we had one had finger food and some baloons, was a great night despite the bad weather before xmas also a chance for both sides to meet... enjoy yours and congrats on the engagement :wv
MidnightJasmine Posts: 238
We didn't have an engagement party-OH had to go away with work for 4 months shortly after we got engaged and by the time he returned the momentum had been lost! and a cousin of his had gotten engaged and did the party thing in the time he was away so the excitement was gone. Regret it now though. Should have had something very quick before he had to go away for work. Enjoy the party! O-O
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
We didn't have a party but wish we did!!! Have a fab time! [url=http://www.millan.net:2lwqjmt5][img:2lwqjmt5]http://www.millan.net/minimations/smileys/loveshower.gif[/img:2lwqjmt5][/url:2lwqjmt5] My sis had one and got loads of presents!!
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
Yeah we had one, just reserved an area in a pub, had platters of food for people who came along, was all very relaxed and informal. My sisters had put up balloons, banners and those party poppers! Great fun, enjoy it!!!
MBM Posts: 72
Thanks Guys! Really looking forward to it! We got engaged in December but with Christmas and a few other commitments that we and some of our friends had we're only getting to it now! It's more for everyone to meet before the wedding! Which isn't until 2012 but sure it's an excuse to get dressed up and have an FR tree haha!
littlemisslucky Posts: 221
My parents had a party for us in the house. The house was packed and we had a great time. It's a really nice way to celebrate your engagement. We got engaged in August 2009 while backpacking for a year so we had the party when we came home in November 2009 and we only just booked our wedding for March 2012 this week. So even if your wedding isn't until next year at least you didn't have it as spread out as us :-8 Enjoy Saturday! O-O Edited to say: Yay, I'm a Mini Wolly!
christmasbride2012 Posts: 478
Had to reply to this thread!!! We got engaged on Feb 11th and had our Engagement party on Sat night last. We had it in our house as we are both going away for the next couple of weekends and like some other posters said, we wanted to keep the momentum!! We had a ball!!!! About 40 people in the house, my Mum did lasagnes and curry with rice and salad. The girls brought desserts and we got in loads of drink. The party finally finished up around 5am-it was a hit!! Enjoy!!