Ennis for a hen?

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May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
My friend is thinking of Ennis for her hen so does anyone know the town well and can you recommend a good hotel she is looking for something as cheap as possible so it wont cost everyone too much to go. Maybe a hotel thats central and will do a good package for us to include bed breakfast dinner and maybe a free cocktail or free entry into a nightclub or something???
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
[b:2dhbfijo]The Queens[/b:2dhbfijo] is the hotel onto which the main night club is attached. It's quite basic though, perfect if you don't plan on spending many hours there apart from sleeping but not one for relaxing or lounging about. I am sure you could do a deal for B&B and entry into night club. Can't imagine it's in any way expensive anyway. For dinner, I would prefer to go and eat at a restaurant around town. Other hotels located in the centre of the town are [b:2dhbfijo]The Temple Gate and The Old Ground[/b:2dhbfijo]. Both would be far nicer accommodation wise and have excellent restaurants. You might be better doing the deal with those for B&B + dinner and then paying seperately into Queens night club. Both hotels are located on the next street up from the Queens, less than 5 mins walk. On the outskirts of town you have [b:2dhbfijo]The West Co. Hotel, The Auburn Lodge and Woodstock Hotel[/b:2dhbfijo]. All fairly close but would still have to get a taxi to / from town. [u:2dhbfijo]Recommended restaurants:[/u:2dhbfijo] The Dining Room Rowan Tree Seasons 52 Town Hall (located at Old Ground Hotel) Legends (located at Temple Gate Hotel) [u:2dhbfijo]Recommended pubs:[/u:2dhbfijo] Charlie Stewerts The Brewery O'Hallorans Knox's Yolo The Front Bar (located at Queens Hotel) Cruises (located at Queens Hotel)
dymo2 Posts: 787
Temple gate is very central and they do good deals if you what a hostal try the Rowan tree it is supposed to be very nice.The other hotel in town is the old ground the others are a bit out of town.There is olny one nite club that is the queen's hotel.there is a few late bars Knox's Yolo,O Hallorans, Cruise and the front bar they are part of the queen's.I know the queen used to do a pass but i am not sure if they do it any more. If it is pub grub that you what you can't beat temple gate bar,Old Ground bar or knox;s.For a rextruant Knox do very good value in there restraunt and also will do a menu i think it it 20 euro for 3 course extra for steak ect.the dining room is also very good.The rowan tree is itialin and supposed to be very good.Woodstock which is outside the town also have a very good restraunts there is also a few thai ect in town
amber17 Posts: 25
I'm going to Ennis for my hen!! O-O Staying in the Temple Gate hotel for two nights, got a package for the two nights and dinner in the restaurant on Saturday night. We're also doing a Style Coaching Session and make up demonstration on Saturday afternoon in the hotel (they are organising it, think we get some kind of cocktail and a few canapes during it) Think on Friday night we're going to Knox's for dinner, early bird menu is around €15 for two courses. Can't wait :o)ll