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lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Girls I need serious help! I have 3 weddings in the one week coming up in about 6 weeks! All full day invitations and one is h2b's brother's wedding! My problem is I have absolutely no idea where to go to get something to wear! I live in Carlow town so if anyone has any ideas where to go! I was planning on ordering in a dress from the Next website but it's out of stock now! Typical! O:| I don't mind travelling a little bit and we'll be going to Blackrock in about 3 weeks for an appointment so if there's anywhere near there? Thanks! I'm not really a dress person so would prefer to try something on before I buy it! Don't really want to spend a fortune either!
chicam Posts: 1169
I bet you were planning on ordering the brown dress with cream sash from Next! I know because I had my heart set on it too but then it's gone out of distribution! Anyway I've been in the same predicament as you, 24 wks pregnant & have a black tie wedding plus another one within 2 wks of each other and NOTHING TO WEAR!! I've bought about 4 dresses on various websites so far simply because I cannot find a decent shop to go into and try on a variety of dresses, and the 4 didn't suit so sent them back. I am finally awaiting one more dress which I am pinning all my hopes on but it hasn't arrived yet & one of the weddings is next weekend! Anyway the dress is from www.eloramaternity.com they have some lovely stuff, albeit a small collection. I have ordered the long plain black one as I feel I can't go wrong with it & will then dress it up with jewellry & a bolero - as long as it fits!!!
girlymum Posts: 696
I got a lovely dress from Isabella Oliver and I wore it to death when I was pregnant. Had never ordered clothes on the net before but it was very easy and prompt.