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NotsoNewlyWed Posts: 173
Morning Ladies, Well, AF is due today and I think I do feel a bit pre menstrual but I also have loads of EWCM and have done for days now. I don't want to be getting ahead of myself but I'm finding this a bit confusing so I thought I'd ask the experts opinion?? What do you think? Is it just my cycle acting up?? :-8 Sorry about the TMI!!!!
brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi NSNW, I had a fair bit of EWCM coming up to my AF and still do, sounds good for you. Have you any other symptoms? When is AF due? xx brideeee
NotsoNewlyWed Posts: 173
Af is due today and I'm usually like clockwork. The EWCM is unusual for me at this stage of my cycle but I'm trying not to imagine symptoms in case I get myself and DH all excited!