Excuses for not drinking?

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Babylon Posts: 334
Hi there, Has anyone any good excuses as to why you are not drinking while pregnant (we are not planning to announce it until mid January after the 12 weeks wait ..... fingers crossed)? All I can think of is: 1. Designated driver 2. On antibiotics With the Christmas party season just around the corner, I am already stressing that I will run out of plausible reasons. Am also a hopeless liar so any suggestions very gratefully received!!!
nippers Posts: 61
Well lm all aboard the December train choo choo, and all tha jazz. I was out last Sat night and I just volunteered to drive under the helpful, charming comment "You've driven me enough times, I just want to pay you back" I looked good and helpful and serene with the added bonus of not drinking. Im also going out this Sat ( I dont go out that often, its just a glut of 2 at the moment) and Im going to say "im having my period/af" If I catch them looking at me at anystage during the night Im going to wince, clutch my side, look mournful, pained and/or green and mutter "periods, why wasnt I born a man?" IF its a man youre talking to, just say " Im not drinking tonight, Im driving" Lets face it most men wont venture any further with questions. Good luck
Delish Posts: 4176
If you do a search there are a good few posts like this, here a few suggestion: you can start drinking becks non alcoholic beer, just say nothing - lots of people simply don't notice, just tell them you are pacing yourself if anyone asks. say you are in training for a ten k, You are in a competition with other half who can stay off drink for the longest before the xmas madness really kicks in. Say you are on a diet and it is strictly no alcohol - dangerous to drink while on it.
Babylon Posts: 334
Thanks a million for those girls Nippers - I love the period excuse, would really throw them off the scent. Delish - many thanks for the suggestion. Did a quick search there are there were some other good ones: - say you have a hangover from night before (especially when people know you enjoy a drink) - replace drinks (Cidona for Bulmers, Club Orange for Bacardi Breezers, missing vodka etc) O-O
lenora Posts: 98
For the month of November, you can say that you gave up drink for the month of November.
mrscat Posts: 1082
I would think you would easily get away with it a Christmas function, just get 7Up, looks like vodka/bacardi with white, then everyone will get tipsy and won't be paying attention anyway.
McMummy Posts: 1041
I agree with Mrscat, I think you're better off not making excuses just have something that looks like your normal drink i.e. becks or 7up. when I was trying to hide it from people the times I made excuses people guessed.
nippers Posts: 61
[quote="rira":1isjx7sy]For the month of November, you can say that you gave up drink for the month of November.[/quote:1isjx7sy] :o0 I used this one too. I murmured serenely 'its for the holy souls' To great effect, people looked at me with this new profound respect. This only works really with people youre not that friendly with, I did it with a group that Im a member of and they wouldnt have a clue of my religious persuasion anyway. Good luck again
lemon Posts: 180
We are having friends over for dinner this weekend, it has been planned for weeks, so I cant really cancel it. Any suggestion how I am going to cover up on the no drinking?????? Im going to be sooooo paranoid, if we were going to a restaraunt it would be much easier to cover up. I'm already after getting the text "I'll bring a few bottles of wine, so no need for you to worry about the drink"! AAAAGGGHHHHH!! Any help is much appreciated :o0
Babylon Posts: 334
Hi there. I guess you could: - cook something really complicated so you have to spend a LOT of time in the kitchen - throw half your drink away every time you go to "check" on the dinner - then pretend your own food doesn't agree with you and you feel a bit off Then just add any of the above excuses - month of November, period pains, skip the vodka etc