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lilyrose Posts: 102
please help me find a nice lively happy song for leaving the church as newlyweds....i cant decide O-O
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
Was thinking of having Everlasting love!!!! Cant remember who sings it though!!!!!! Edited to add it was sung by Love affair and then U2 had it out at a later date!!!! HTH :wv
Groovy-Chick Posts: 2383
I would like "O Happy Day"
friday bride Posts: 111
I am having some lively irish music................jiggs and reels to get everyone in a lively spirit comin out of the church.....Get peole dancing in the aisles :o0 :o0
foxxxygrace Posts: 33
I would love to have The Beatles' "All you Need is Love" coming otu of church, bt organist and soloist we've booked cant really pull it off as well as a group/ choir.... we could just have the cd either!! :o) Very lively happy song! Otherwise, i was at a wedding before xmas and the groom was a Liverpool supporter and as a surprise for him, the bride had "you'll never walk alone" for their exit somg from the church - apart from it being a football theme, it is a nice song
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
We have done 'You're my best friend' by Queen alot. Very nice lyrics for newly weds I think. Here is a clip of it on Youtube, have a listen and see what you think. Sinead
Rockys Lover Posts: 194
We're hopefully having Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros - my brother is going to remove the strange lyrics and replace with something instrumental, presumably will have to play on CD (that is if the church allows at all as "no pop music" allowed!) I love it, it builds & builds and builds up to big crescendo (sp) at the end - I have a wee tear everytime I hear it just imagining us walking hand in hand down the aisle :action31
Double Cocktail Music Posts: 205
[quote="lilyrose":1ngowui9]please help me find a nice lively happy song for leaving the church as newlyweds....i cant decide O-O[/quote:1ngowui9] Hi Lilyrose, We are a wedding band for Irish weddings abroad in the Algarve and Costa del Sol. We can highly recommend "Oh Happy day" . It's a very popular songs for leaving the Church and very lively as your guests will join in by clapping their hands and singing along. All the best on your choice, hope this is of help to you, friendly regards, Stefanie :wv
sonopotere Posts: 1124
We're going to have the wedding march! very traditional!
s wife Posts: 1445
we had christy moore's the Voyage :lvs ah it was lovely but we didnt really get to listen to it as everyone is talking and congratulating you as your walking