Extreme Allergic Reaction to a Roc cleanser!!!

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iansgirl Posts: 35
Just to warn you...I bought a Roc cleanser, had never used Roc before. Its called Roc Dermalogic. My sister, my friend and I all broke out in a terrible facial rash. Swelling of the face, white spots, extreme dry skin. Its awful, have had it for a week now. Nothing seems to be clearing it. Any ideas? Has anyone had a similiar experience? Have a christening to go to at weekend, really trying to remoisterise my skin before then. cant even wear makeup.
ChocolateBride Posts: 23
I feel your pain. I had a similiar experience, however I was using an acne cream. My face actually got burnt from it as well as swelling up and it got really itchy. It even got infected as I was scratching it so much. I went to the doctor who put me on steroids for a week which did bring down the swelling and antiobiotics for the infection - it was awful! After a week, I was able to venture out in public again. Needless to say, that cream got the bin! Might be worth paying a visit to the doctor to see what they recommend and also contact ROC as there must be some fault since your sister and friend also had the same experience. I was using E45 by the bucketload to keep the face moisturised. Good luck!
kellybob Posts: 256
I've got very sensitive skin too and have had reactions to various lotions. I take a Claratin which is an antihystamine (spelling??) and it really clears up the reaction quickly. Hope you're feeling better soon.