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shobie Posts: 1437
I just failed my driving test.....grrrr......AGAIN.... O:| Stupid bloody man, he didnt even explain all the faults he gave me for fecks sake.... When we were stopped in traffic, i let a van out of the garage on the left into the traffic....and HE FAULTED ME... ;o( WTF....he said not allowed to do hello?? How else would the million cars get back into the traffic if nobody let them out???? For fecks sake, you try and be polite and you get fecking marked down for it... Feel like an ass cos its my second time doing the test... :-8
gerbil Posts: 3528
ach don;t be sad :o( honest to god loads of people fail it more than twice. My sister for one (hush don't sy i told anyone) and a friend failed it here three times and then passed it in Brussels which ahs the worst driving test in europe. Yet some bint here failed him! It'll be fine, relax, take a few advanced lessons and do it again quickly betcha you'll pass!
chra Posts: 220
A long, long time ago I failed it twice!!! The funny thing is I changed teacher after the second fail and would have got it the 3rd time if I'd remembered to bring my license with me -which means I paid for 4 tests :o0 :o0 !!! - The first time I took the test after changing instructors I got it. It was nothing to do with the fact that I knew EVERY BL :o0 :o0 DY turn in the town by then!!! :o0 :o0 :o0 My mate went to the same 1st instructor as me and got it first time. I'm not a great driver, but shes scarey!!!
Pearly Whites Posts: 707
hi know friends that after failing in one Dublin test centre switched to another!! and passed. I don't think the system here is very good anyway and esp if he didn't explain fully to you why he marked you. I passed but got marks alright and don't remember him telling me why! best of luck the next time! :thnk
shobie Posts: 1437
Thanks girls, Feel abit better about it today....ah sure these things happen.... I wouldnt mind but im on the road for work alot...!! Just goes to show...!
Das Kitty Posts: 452
He's right about letting people out. If you have the right of way you have to take it (doesn't work that way in real life thankfully or I reckon I'd still be stuck queuing for the roundabout coming into work now). Also if someone lets you know you can't wave or flash "thanks" to them. In my test someone let me in for the last turn back to the test centre and my hand started lifting off the wheel, I had no control over it. I snapped it back down before it got too far though but I know he noticed, thankfully he chose to ignore it!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
I failed mine cuz I let a guy coming toward me through on a road that had a skip onone side and a truck on the other .....who has right of way if we both have obstuctions ....he reached it first so he had right of way an automatic fail, saw him put it down and had a row with the tester and made him get out of the car and left him there was raging >:o( Flew it the second time, had a fanastic teacher 2nd time round