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CB2012 Posts: 236
Hi, I am having a civil ceremony next year and want to get a fairy light backdrop for the room. Can anyone recommend a supplier in the Dublin/Meath/Kildare area with reasonable prices? Thanks :o)ll
amthee Posts: 688
Finesse Weddings are in Rathangan in Kildare. I don't know how much they charge sorry!
CB2012 Posts: 236
Thanks I'll have a look at them :)
chocaholic84 Posts: 111
Frogprince! Really great to deal with, think it was less than 300e for me, booked a few things with them, ill dig out the invoice when i get home and pm you! www.frogprince.ie
CB2012 Posts: 236
Thanks chocaholic I'd really appreciate that, its what I'm looking for I don't want to sepend a fortune on the ceremony decor when it will only last 30mins max :o)ll
jegoruss Posts: 258
Tesco value clear indoor fairy lights pack of 20 are only 1.20euros (i think i cud b a bit off but there very cheep) and i bought 4 packs of them in tescos a while ago when the xmas stuff came in so i can use them in the summer for my wedding coz they will be harder to find in the summer and if u do find them they wont be as cheep as they are now.so my advice is go to tesco and get lots of packets of them.u can use them at xmas and u will have them for ur wedding get a friend to put them up for u and wil save u so much money
marriedinthemorning Posts: 51
Hi Jegoruss, Are you gonna put something over the fairy lights when they are hanging up? If so...what you gonna use? Thanks :wv
lolly2010 Posts: 707
Have you asked your hotel if they have one, or know where their past brides have got them? maybe they can help. :wv
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Gotcha covered do this 250