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miss may b Posts: 528
Hi We're going to see Faithlegg over the next few days & hoping to meet with Suzie the wedding co-ordinator. Just wondering if anybody has any tips or suggestions for things to look out for. A little nervous as there seems to be mixed feedback here about Faithlegg. Neither of us are from Waterford and we don't know anybody who had their reception there so any help/tips/advice would be appreciated. Thanks girls MMB
dev2011 Posts: 20
Hiya- I think most of the reviews that were negative about Faithlegg were pre 2008...anything since then seems to have been good. The hotel is FAB but I think the main issues are with the accomodation not the venue. We booked our wedding there aswell and I cant wait- the room for the reception is really stunning and the grounds are fab!! I hope you get on ok! They should give you a bar exentsion for free...and if you book in the winter months there are great savings to be made! Good luck and enjoy!
Summerbride12 Posts: 209
Hi girls..........Faithlegg is [color=#BF0040:25dhmv5g][b:25dhmv5g]fabulous!! [/b:25dhmv5g][/color:25dhmv5g]Went to a wedding there back in November, and it was beautiful! The food was excellent, probably the best wedding meal that i had ever received tbh. The hotel itself is stunning, and the grounds amazing. The staff couldn't have been more efficient. I would have loved to have booked Faithlegg for our wedding, but I'm not from the area, so decided to get married at home. I know a few couples who got married in Faithlegg, and they were extremely happy with the place.. Hope this helps you a little!
dev2011 Posts: 20
Nice one Summerbride12 :wv ...thanks for the update on the hotel!!
Summerbride12 Posts: 209
[quote="dev2011":2wytd7db]Nice one Summerbride12 :wv ...thanks for the update on the hotel!![/quote:2wytd7db] No bother, honestly now, I couldn't praise it highly enough! Just a lil gutted that ours isn't gonna be held there:(
justwaitin Posts: 2462
Hi there, were getting married there in december almost everything is negoitable, it really is lovely there, we have stayed there sevral times and are staying there again next week. Good luck with all your decision making.
hils138 Posts: 680
Hi, My family and I stayed there for a weekend at the end of November. The hotel was lovely, staff were very friendly and the food was very tasty. However, the weekend we were there was the first weekend of the snow and the hotel was quite cold. It wasn't open during the week, only at weekends and you could really tell. The reception rooms, bar,restaurant were quite chilly and the pool was arctic!! I know this might not affect you depending when you're having your wedding. And I am not trying to be too negative as we really had a lovely time. HTH
miss may b Posts: 528
Thanks Girls! As it's the 1st place we've looked at we're going to have a look at a few more places. I really liked the function room but thought the area (reception ) for the welcome drinks was a bit small and the bar furniture (the 1st bar with the piano) was a bit shabby and dirty looking. We probably caught it on a bad day I was willing to overlook it for the setting and function room but H2B wasn't..... I feel it's going to take a while to find somewhere :(
lainey_l Posts: 8
Havent posted much on WOL but always found it really helpful in the run up to my wedding. We got married in Faithlegg less than a month ago and I have to say we have an amazing day there. I was really nervous coming up to the big day cos there is never much written about Faithlegg and what has been written was very mixed but I have to say they really pulled out all the stops on the day, the hotel looked gorgeous, the food was great and the staff were really really helpful. We had a bbq in the golf club the next day which was great as well. I must do a wedding report cos I always found it hard to get a lot of feedback on Waterford suppliers when I was planning the wedding. Seriously though I wouldnt have any worries about Faithlegg, it all went perfectly! O:o)
dev2011 Posts: 20
Oohh barbie in teh golf club sounds fab! Did you enquire about that when booking the wedding? Was it a price per head again? Great idea!