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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi, just wondering you said you may have a UTI. My doc said she thinks i hav one also. She gave me Augmentin and i finished on Sun. Due results tomorrow, you said it can be dangerous, in what way? Can i ask did you have any pain or did it just show up in the urine (white cells) Thanks a mill.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Hiya, Yes your right I did have one. She tested my urine sample and said there were white blood cells. So she gave me augmentim. Started taking it Friday (twice a day) and took last one today. GP just rang me to say my test results came back normal so I don't need to go back in. I was thinking I would have to give another sample after taking tablets to ensure it was cleared up but she said she's happy with my results and I told her my scan is on 12th so I have to go back in a month to her just for a checkup before I see my gyne. Delighted to hear my results were normal. A girl I work with told me they are dangerous later on in pregnancy in that they can bring on labour. I am going to guzzle cranberry juice for rest of the pregnancy just to ensure I don't get another one. Think the reason I got it is because I used to try lie in bed for at least half an hour after BD. Read on net that this can be a cause of it. I had no symptoms, she asked was it painful to pee and I said no, she asked was I going to the loo a lot and I said I suppose I am but thought that was a pregnancy sypmtom. HTH, let me know how you are.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks a mill for that LMS. I have been having sharp pains in my right side for over a week. Went to doc she thought it was possibly ovarian cyst. I told her i was ttc and she said she would do a pg test just to rule out an ectopic pg, thats when the white cells showed up. Still having some pain but not so bad, get the results tomorrow. Its funny you said about the lying in bed after bd, i never do that always straight to loo, but a couple of days b4 the pains i stayed for about 15 mins, i bet you that was it !!! Thanks again for the info, and glad to hear your results were clear, best of luck and hears O-O to your health.