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Bellisima Posts: 3583
Ok so I know some people are very against favours but this is a question for when you do have them. Im just wondering do people normally get the same favour for men and women or do they get different for men and women. If you get a different favour how is this distributed? Maybe a silly question but if you dont have place names (which I dont really want the hassle of doing) how do you ensure that the hotel sets the favours out in the appropriate places for men and women. Like especially if its not really obvious on first glance which is for the men and which is for the women :duh: :duh:
MiniBlingfor2012 Posts: 673
What are you thinking of doing for favours, maybe you can label them so its more obvious. We had favours but reckoned only the women would take them so we just stuck a few on each table and in the end they were all taken. Don't worry too much about it, people will help themselves whether they're at their place or not imo
Bellisima Posts: 3583
I'm not sure what we are doing yet blinger everything I've thought of is either defo for men or defo more for women. Your point about them all being gone by the end of the night is good though!
teapotty Posts: 2085
If you're having two types then I would place them every second one guy/girl/guy/girl as you go around the table. People will be sitting before they realise if they have a guy or a girl's favour but they'll cop to swap where necessary. You'd kind need to have even numbers of guys and girls at each table to make it simple too.
mrssparkles Posts: 108
I was thinking of having yankee candles justb for the ladies... would this seem a bit stingy for the men?
franticb2b Posts: 162
[quote="mrssparkles":3nrc7u0g]I was thinking of having yankee candles justb for the ladies... would this seem a bit stingy for the men?[/quote:3nrc7u0g] i'm doing this for the girls too, no clue what to do for the men!
Bellisima Posts: 3583
Its probably easier just to have something to suit men and women alike isnt it!! The things we put ourselves through! A few sweets would probably make everyone happy!!!
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
I'm thinking of having jars of old style sweets in the centre of the table so people can help themselves...not sure thought depends on money! I'm also thinking another idea might just be to give everyone a signature cocktail but this wouldn't be appreciated by everyone - those who don't drink, are pregnant, etc! What are people thinkin of giving as favours?
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Originally I had lots of ideas for favours but the more I chat to people the more I realise I could be wasting money. I like the idea of Lily O'Briens chocolate with the bride and groom's names on the box I was at a wedding last year were there was golf balls for men and lip balm for women, both were inscribed with the B&G's name and date of wedding. I would like to include something else but probably unisex as I don't want the hassle of laying out male/female gifts in the right places. Dottie Creations has a few ides, i especially like the little bottles O-O
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Forgot I had one more. I like this site too. Especially like the kids section or even the table games for fun in between courses!!