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Peaches and Cream Posts: 154
Hi All, Since we started this journey, 4.5 years ago, I never thought we'd be at this stage. From general good health tips, to kineseology, to acupuncture, fitness, to Cork Fertility Clinic to Napro and now to Sims. Its mad. Feel like we wasted sooooo much time. But still, noone knows. Infertility is so complex and the best doctors don't have all the answers. Some girls are 'lucky' to find out a problem early on, so the treatment is focused. We spent another €2000 on more tests in Sims. So I have high Anti TPO. Doctors said this contributes to the majority of miscarriages. (Funny it could mean an autoimmune issue which Ireland is riddled with. But he didnt focus on that). But Ive never been pregnant as far as I know so they don't think that is contributory. My husband has 20% DNA fragmentation. Said that could be contributory. But again doubtful. So he again concluded 'unexplained infertility'. So recommended short phase IVF. This is €4600 plus €990. Plus meds. So we've been though so much with meds even I was still shocked at the amount of meds involved. LOADS! So we started with a month on the pill to resettle and then injections. Due my first scan this week and have 2 to 3 more after and then they do egg extraction. Fingers crossed this will work. It is so exhausting the whole thing. When we do the egg transfer Im taking a week off work and just relaxing. Im the sort who works hard and is always on the go. So Im gonna watch telly and relax. I was advised to get massages too (non essentail oil ones!). So Im going to do it. Its been such a long road Im not risking anything!! Just an update..... Peaches and Cream
worriedmammy2b Posts: 44
Best of luck with the rest of your journey, really hoping you get the positive news soon you are well overdue, make sure and keep us updated x
Blueeyes79 Posts: 405
Hey P&C, I wish you best of luck, I will say a little prayer for you xxx We are also about to start with sims, long protocol, I was shocked re the amount of drugs, just about to start the down reg injections this sat . I have multiple things wrong with me : Thyroid / over and under + antibodies. Endometriosis High Nk killer cells Low AMH Short lut phase Sticky blood Husband is fine.. Role on the next few weeks. Keep us posted xxx Blueeyes
Peaches and Cream Posts: 154
Hi Girls, Thanks for your replies. Blueeyes you do seem to have alot 'wrong'. Thats mad. I hope they can solve it all with the long phase. Ill say a prayer for you too. St Gerard is my daily councilor!! I feel like we've been with SIMs for years but it was only April. Time seems to have stalled! Ive to wait till Friday now for the egg retrieval. So Ill have the weekend to recover. The drugs yeah! Its amazing, you come out of the pharmacy with two bags! And a sore head. But once you just place them out on a table and keep things in order its fine. I use a highlighter marker to cross out the meds Ive taken off the daily sheet they give you. Good luck, Keep us posted, Peaches and Cream
little squishy Posts: 559
Hi girls, Just wanted to say best of luck! I've been there and done that! I'm now 16 weeks pregnant and still cannot believe what it took to get here! The amount of meds is crazy, did you pick up your bag from the pharmacy yet? I could not get over the amount! The nurse warned me but when they handed me the bag I nearly died! Would def take the time off work after transfer, I honestly think it really mattered for me not to be in anyway stressed or even doing too much. Felt really lovely to lie back and look after the little bean and help it stick! Try and Enjoy it as much as you can its a big step and you can only try and stay positive!
Blueeyes79 Posts: 405
Hey, @P&C Best of luck for your egg retrieval, why the delay? let us know how it goes and I'll have my fingers and toes crossed for you xxx Little Squashy Congratulations... excellent news.. delighted. Girls 4/5 bags is what I picked up!! the girl in the pharmacy looked white handing it all over, I had to collect them over two days!!! Its for everything and all for after egg retrieval and if I become pregnant for the first week or two.. madness, fingers crossed this all works O-O Best of luck girls with everything and keep us posted here!! & I am totally in denial about all the stuff that's wrong with me... which is kind of funny! Blueeyes
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carryonhoping Posts: 164
Hi ladies, I rarely log in here anymore but just wanted to wish you the best of luck! Also hi Blueyes, my old napro thread buddy!! I'm just finished my second IVF with sims. I'm sure you both know by now that you're in good hands there. My first cycle unfortunately was cancelled as none of our embryos made it to transfer so we were absolutely devastated. That was in March. We went again in July and this time I overstimulated so had to go to elective freeze. We were terrified the same thing would happen again but thank God we have two frozen blasts now. Our FET is scheduled for the end of October. It's a long wait but planning on a break and living our lives for a bit before jumping on board again, hopefully in good shape! Very best of luck with retrieval P&C. Handy that you'll have the weekend to recover. I found it absolutely fine. A bit uncomfortable after but you'll have your pain killers and hot water bottle and hopefully be good to go for your transfer! I'll be keeping an eye out for news both of you - very best of luck!!
Blueeyes79 Posts: 405
Hey Carryonhoping, Thanks, and I wish you the very best of luck with yours too! Peachs & Cream, best of luck today... I'll have my fingers and toes crossed for you! I'm like a bear today... really grouchy and today I feel like its all a bit too much... must keep going, I'm sure I will feel fine tomorrow, my husband isn't very good as he just can't seem to handle much himself... if I'm not on 100% form he gets p%ssed with me.. and I'm the one doing all the sh$t.. makes me mad O:| I can't wait to hear how you get on P&C and like what has been said... you really, really deserve a good outcome.. xxx Blueeyes xxx
Martina85 Posts: 156
Hi girls How's everyone getting on? I hope that it all went smoothly! Prayers for you all xxx
Blueeyes79 Posts: 405
Hey Girls & Martina, Today is day CD9, of the stimulating drugs. Tomorrow is my final scan before finding out my exact date for egg collection. On the 9th of August (Last Tuesday) I have 6 follicles on each ovary, a good lot measuring at 13mm. Better than expected for my age, my AMH is 8.2, my problem seems to be immune system and maintaining pregnancies. Yesterday I had a huge amount of CM and more today, I didn't ring s&ms as I read this is normal. It was literally 8 times more than I would normally have so it is all looking good. The bad bits are I am a dangerous walking zombie, I probably shouldn't be driving. Dumb and Dumber, seriously the drugs have made me very bad, a lunatic, high as a kite one minute and low the next. I also feel like the antisipation is killing me... I think I might need a relaxer for the night before Egg collection.. I am THAT bad. I cannot remember what day of the week it is and I feel like a super bad mom at the moment and can't wait for the next part so I can relax with my son who I feel is feeling the stress of IVF in the house. All good so far... P&C I hope things are working out for you xxxx I will keep you all posted once I know the date for egg collection. On the schedule its down for Mon / Tues, our son is in creche on Tuesday's so I am hoping for then. I am also doing intralipids, bloods and I think I will sleep very well tomorrow night! Anyone else feel like they are actually going mad while doing IVF. Blueeyes