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Mrs Sid5 Posts: 306
Hi All, I got my wedding flowers off her and i cant say thanks enough to her, they were perfect exactly what i wanted .She knew from my vague description and pure lack of knowledge of flowers exactly what i was trying to explain.I loved them to bits!! For all you brides to be , if you want no stress and worry about your flowers go to
flowerflair2009 Posts: 62
[quote:3p7w7kbt]Just want to say after all the hullabalo about Yvonne earlier in the year on this website [/quote:3p7w7kbt] What was the "Hullabalo" just curious as Yvonne is doing my wedding flowers too? I met her and she is just the nicest person ever and her work is fantastic. Was there a complaint :ooh
Toblerone Posts: 2698
I've pm'd yu. I've been emailing her and I've full confidence in her work. :wv
Sinful Posts: 956
Ye i thought she was good too but i had booked her and she got back to me 2months later then asked me to mail her which i did and she never got back to me so i rang her again and she said she would mail me when we can meet up and she never mailed.... so i gave up I know she had a baby a while ago so didnt want to bother her again and i found someone in the end.... :thnk
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
Thank you so much Sid, I know that was a weird thread back in May... very upsetting :o( For those who are new some girl logged in and said that I had let her friend down on her big day and when she rang my house my husband told her that I had gone on holiday last minute... all horrible lies of course but the thread went on for about 200 pages and nearly forced me into early labour :o0 that is the problem with chat forums, you dont know who you are dealing with and there are some people just out there to cause trouble. All water under the bridge now and I just want to forget all about it. I hope that all the feedback left on this site so far has instilled trust in my fello wollies again. :wv Daisymay/Sinfulbeatch, I am truely sorry but our last correspondence was August 8th 12 days after having my baby... also we had arranged to meet a few times before that but things came up due to unfortunate circumstances on your part (which of course is personal to you and I will not mention here). I am glad that you have found someone that you are happy with and sorry if there was any confusion. Thanks Poppies too for your kind comments, I am not worthy :-8
Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
Just wanted to mention how helpfuol she's been on the "show us your bouquets" post here too! :wv
Sugababe* Posts: 988
Yvonne did my flowers for my wedding back in June and did an amazing job. She was fantastic to work with and get to know and her work was outstanding. I would highly recommend her.She is someone you can rely on and trust 100%,i immediately felt that the first time i met her.
Sinful Posts: 956
Hey girls i know her work is fantastic thats all i just didnt get great communication from her but as i said she was only just had a baby so i just left it, if i hadnt found someone else i would of went with Yvonne cos she is great at what she dose her pics on her website are gorgeous. I dont get the last part though that i didnt show up?? i really dont want to fight though honest i just thought i put in my tupence worth. Good luck with everything i do hope everything works out with the business. :thnk
flowerflair2009 Posts: 62
Thanks for the pm MrsG08, poor Yvonne there are some nasty pieces of work out there. As I said before she is lovely and I have every confidence in her *) [quote:2zktmdo9]Thanks Poppies too for your kind comments, I am not worthy [/quote:2zktmdo9] You are worthy in my opinion and MillyMoos comments sound like they come from the heart :lvs you are good at what you do, wish I had a talent like that.
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
[quote:8t2pe04h] i really dont want to fight though honest i just thought i put in my tupence worth.[/quote:8t2pe04h] Hi there, Oh now of course I dont want to fight either, I was just defending myself we were meant to meet, we had an appointment scheduled for April 28th but you had to cancel. Also because of a few things that went on I didn't know where I stood. Anyway this is personal, I will pm you :wv Millymoo, Sid, Princess sparkle and Poppies - thanks again for the lovely comments :-8 :wv