Food at The Meyrick Hotel Galway

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brendyc Posts: 15
Hi, This is my first post! We have booked our wedding for the Meyrick Hotel in Galway but have heard from people who have gone to weddings there that the food was terrible. Anyone any thoughts on this? Thanks
miss shimmer Posts: 453
Hi brendyc :) Myself and h2b were planning on booking the Meyrick Hotel for our wedding but we were put off by the rudeness of the staff there. Found the wedding co-ordinator horrible to deal with. She never rang us back, felt like we were chasing them the whole time when it should be the other way around. We were even lied to when we rang up asking to speak to the wedding co-ordinator, the girl at reception said she was with someone and then a minute later she said the wedding co-ordinator wasn't in like WTF O:| Also the wedding co-ordinator told us that if we didn't meet the minimum number requirements that we could pay the room hire fee and I thought that was fair enough, But when it came to giving us a quote for the total cost she said that we would have to pay for the minimum numbers, that meant we would be paying for 40 people that weren't even there >:o( complete joke. I will say that we did speak to the head chef there regarding a menu and he seemed to know his stuff, so wouldnt be 2 worried about that. But as for the rest of the staff and the wedding co-ordinator especially I would genuinely pity anyone that has to deal with them. They are a hotel that a very much "all about the money" and your only number to them. Definitely would not recommend this hotel as a venue based on my experience!
pollyb Posts: 66
Hi brendyc A couple of my friends had their wedding in the Meyrick and had nothing but good things to say about it. Also, found this on the wedding day report forum....
niamhinisoirr Posts: 2
We have also booked the meyrick and found the weddig coordinator very nice to deal with. Heard the food was good.