food safety not sure about pork I defrosted

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mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
defrosted pork steak yesterday - took it out of freezer yesterday morning and put it in fridge when I got home at 5.30 was meant to cook it last night but had visitors over and so just got a quick tea instead - would you say it is ok to use tonight now are should it be thrown out?
aston Posts: 4100
ya I would cook it today no problem! Def smell it when you take it out of the fridge but couldnt see there being a problem when you put it in the fridge straight away!
MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
You should really defrost meat in the fridge as this avoids the chance of any bacteria or contamination etc. As long as the meat has been in the fridge since it was defrosted, I'd say it's fine.
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
I'd use it, wouldnt' think twice about it unless its smelly.
mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
seemed to smell ok this morning - always funny about pork and chicken if it was a chunk of beef I wouldnt think twice - funny isnt it