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tinyfeet Posts: 3482
I'm 32 weeks tomorrow & have a hospital appointment. My GP mentioned the last time that after 32 weeks she will see my every 2 weeks up until my due date. What about the hospital? Will I be seeing them again after my 32 week appointment?
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Heya Tinyfeet, I thought from 30 -36/37wks that it was every two weeks you got seen (alternating between hospital and gp) and then it became every week. My apts are slightly different to yours: I had hospital apt at 30 wks ; GP midwife at 32wks; should be back with hospital at 34 but with bank holiday it will be following week 35wks; then GP midwife at 36wks. The GP midwife told me to tell the hospital midwife that I was seeing her again at 36 weeks. I'd see what next apt the hospital gives you and work the GP around that. I would have assumed it would be around 36 wks so you'd see gp in the interim.
hoodieboodie Posts: 1200
Toblerone is right based on what I've experienced - 32 weeks with hospital (in my case it was with a midwife clinic as I'm doing combined care), 34 weeks GP and then 36 weeks back to hosptial. Now it's weekly between the two so GP appt for 37 weeks and hospital for 38 weeks etc... :wv
AA11 Posts: 313
Tinyfeet, I am attending cumh as well and had my 36 week appointment yesterday. I thought I would be seen every week after this but I was told to make an appointment for four weeks time when I will be 40+2, I questioned the doctor about this and she said for a straight forward problem free pregnancy there was no need for them to see me again in two weeks. Baby is head down and I am having no problems etc.... My gp seemed to think that I would be seen every week after 36 weeks. I don't know if I will go to her next week or not, I might leave it until the week after and go to her two weeks in a row then. In my heart and soul I hope to be holding my baby in my arms by the 40+2 apointment....