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Trafford Posts: 463
[quote="ciaraella":3boevpud][quote="Trafford":3boevpud] Yes, fair enough that you would want to see it, but I have no interest whatsoever in videos of other people's birth experiences. I find it tacky personally. I found the Irish programme much more dignifed and also much more something that non-mothers or non-pregnant people could relate to.[/quote:3boevpud] I honestly don't understand how you could find it tacky? I'm genuinely confused as to what you mean by tacky? And if you're not interested in videos of birth experiences then (and i'm not being smart here) why would be interested in either of these programmes?[/quote:3boevpud] I'm not interested in One Born every Minute. I watched a few minutes of the first two episodes and it disturbed me so I would rather not watch it again. The trailers of the Irish one looked more promising to me as they showed a lot about the staff and the fathers, so I decided I would tune in and see what it was like, and I liked it. So I gave both shows a chance, I like one and I don't like the other. I just think people's most private experiences, like the birth of their child, is their own business and I would rather not watch it, so I don't. I find reality TV to the extreme of having a film crew involved in your child birth process to be rather tacky TV. I am sorry if I'm not explaining this clearly enough for you, but I suppose it's just how I feel. I believe that Channel 4 are producing it thus so as to shock people rather than to evoke people in any positive way. The one birth scene in the Irish programme was filmed and shown in a more dignified way so I didn't find it tacky, although husband and I both said we could have done without seeing it, but overall the premise of the show was so nice that it didn't put us off watching again. I hope my explanation makes things clearer for you.
momof3 Posts: 510
As I pregnant I'll watch any baby Programme. I like them both. One born every minute is more real I think as having had two I found labour v frightening and never say this portrayed on maternity programmez before and it was good to c channel 4 showed all the nitty gritty if it. Yes the Irish one was good but didn't show the panic that can take some women over as happened me with ds. I'm more prepared for the transition stage this time around and wil cope better I think. It's all good n well watching lovely baby programmez where there's no long labor, or screaming mother or forceps etc. But in the real world some deliveries aren't that perfect and it can leave u disappointed if that's what ure preception of birth is. Just my opinion