Gastric bug doing the rounds.....

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Delphinium Posts: 3027
My poor DH..... he is in the horrors with a vomiting bug since last night. We think he picked it up from a friend's child who was just over it when we visited on Saturday. Hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing. Poor man was wretched this morning. So far I'm feeling alright (touch wood, fingers, toes and eyes crossed!!) but I'm afraid I'll pick it up off him now. Any advice how I should cope with this in the context of pregnancy?
MommaBear Posts: 36
Hi There I had last week and I am thirteen weeks pregnant :o( My DP had it about 48hrs beforehand and I thought I had gotten away with it. I was very sick during the night and then a lot of empty retching (which i find worse) Id say it lasted maybe 12 hours luckily I only had the puking. I rang my doctor and she said that it would pass that there was nothing to worry about unless it went on for more then 24 hours then if it did I was to pop into her. I was afraid to eat or drink for a few hours after the puking stopped. But then slowly had small sips of water and flat 7up and mananged a few crakers in the evening. The next day I was fine, very worn out from it but ok. The most important thing is try and stay hydrated. If you do get and hopefully you wont just give your doctor a call and let know them if your worried. Hope this helps