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admin Posts: 1822
This is just going around in a full circle. All starting back up again about the posse. Can you just move on and enjoy posting Please refrain from talking and commenting on Mrspants and making claims true or untrue Thanks! Spain to Win the World Cup!
My Left Foot Posts: 49
[quote="CherryChapstick":1ohz0lw5][quote="My Left Foot ":1ohz0lw5]I will correct you , you are wrong. Im normally a lurker on here, but there has been so much bull sh1t on this thread i thought i would ask, but you clearly dont have answers even to your own assumptions.[/quote:1ohz0lw5] As a lurker you chose a pretty heated topic to get involved in. ;o)[/quote:1ohz0lw5] Cause you chose to talk a load of bull, and still yet, posts and posts later you still have answered what i asked. This is the reason why i dont post, its like trying to get blood from a stone or talking to a 4 year old. Why cant you just answer like that adult you claim to be?