Gentle Birth CD's for sale?

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raerae Posts: 30
Hi, Does anyone have the Gentlebirth homestudy course for sale - I'd love to try it but I'm on a very tight budget!! Thanks :)
Waiting24 Posts: 355
me too. I'd love to buy one but they are a little out of my budget!
mrswifey Posts: 775
Me three!
twoboys Posts: 320
Hi everyone, There's another option if you can't get your hands on used set. If you purchase the Irish Better Birth Book on the GentleBirth website you'll receive the GentleBirth Positive Hospital Birth CD free with it. With the Irish Caesarean and VBAC Guide you have a choice of the GentleBirth Positive VBAC CD or Positive Caesarean CD. *)
another1 Posts: 174
raerae Posts: 30
Thanks Two boys for the tip! I've pm'd you another 1 :)