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MTMR Posts: 788
I'm really starting to get jealous of any of you who have less time to go than I do. I hit the magical 12 weeks yesterday and now want baby without having to wait lots more weeks. So if you could all oblidge by not having me jealous that your babies will be here before mine. Much appreciated, thanks a million MTMR
MrsSan Posts: 475
Congratulations on hitting the 12 weeks MTMR, hope you're feeling well :D
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
Just checking out my ticker and cannot believe how short a time I have left - it will fly by for you and you will remember this feeling in six months!!!!! All the best
alimae Posts: 134
MTMR , Huge Congratulations on your pregnancy... I can def tell you the time will fly in for you , we have know about our pregnancy since the 8th of OCT 05 I was only about 3wks+ at that stage now I am 28 wks , in my last trimester ...Can't believe it enjoy every day of it :wink: Good Luck
Twinkle Posts: 174
Nope I refuse :lol: :lol: I remember reaching 12 weeks and thinking I'd been pregnant forever - well that could have been something to do with the wonderful morning sickness that lasted all day every day. :) Enjoy your pregnancy :wink:
Minxie Posts: 884
Speaking of awful tickers, I see that foetus ticker is making a comeback.
alimae Posts: 134
PEACHES , each to their own , u may think its awful thats ur opinion.. ...[quote:2w997jla]Speaking of awful tickers, I see that foetus ticker is making a comeback.[/quote:2w997jla] you must be refering to "My Foetus ticker" as you call it ,Its no big deal its only a ticker counting down my pregnancy..
Minxie Posts: 884
Yes Alison but it shows me a baby in a womb and maybe thats something I don't, personally, want to look at....and maybe theres a reason for that so each to their own indeed but a little sensitivity in this particular department would be nice. Thats me being polite. I've re-written this a couple of times because I understand its not cool to upset pregnant women.
Bulmers Posts: 1281
I've nothing against pregnancy tickers per se, but the ticker like the one above gives me the creeps. I reckon they emanated from one of the awfully militant anti abortion groups in the US. I'm not saying any poster here is using them for that purpose, but I don't like them for the reason mentioned.
Funky Posts: 49
Just think that particular type are a bit creepy too, dont mind the other one's but cant put my finger on what it is about it cause i love looking at how far tiny bab's is for me.... weird i know!!