Getting married to a non Catholic and living abroad

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ABrideAbroad2016 Posts: 12
Im getting married to a non practising protestant in May and Im Catholic. To make it even more complicated we live overseas. Can anyone confirm exactly what I need to do? Been googling but can't find a definitive answer. I know I need a letter of freedom from parish over here and some sort of permission to marry a non catholic? Has anyone had to do this? Thanks
allsĂșn Posts: 253
Maybe ask your celebrant from which ever church you are getting married in. I would imagine it's different depending on whether you are being married in a Catholic or if it's a protestant church.
jemmaremma Posts: 36
Hiya, I also suggest you ask your celebrant - if you're getting married in the Catholic Church then your priest will advise you. My fiancé was only baptised (didn't do his communion or confirmation) but we had no issues with finding an Irish priest to perform the ceremony. We had to get our local priest in England to do all the paperwork though... our Irish priest has been quite relaxed and gave us the choice of a ceremony with or without the full mass... I think he realises that it'll only be my side of the family taking the communion!
weddingtastic2016 Posts: 22
Hi - I presume you're living in Eng? You need to figure out who your local priest is over there and the Catholic needs to have the priest over there say he knows you and happy for you to be married in Ireland. You'll need to a pre marriage course (can be done in a day in London, not religious and v relaxed). They really do try ensure your other half feels included. You will have to promise to use best endeavours to bring your children up as Catholic. You also need to register wedding at least 3m in advance (that's an Irish requirement, nothing to do w religion)
ABrideAbroad2016 Posts: 12
Hi there We actually live in New Zealand, my partner is English and I am Irish which makes it even more complicated. I know I need a letter of freedom from a priest over here but I've been told I also need to get permission from a bishop over here as my partner isn't Catholic?