Getting pregnant on baby number 2!

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MrsDr Posts: 1316
Hi Girls, myself and DH have decided that we will try and make baby number 2 this year :) very excited and nervous all at the same time :) but I have been hearing a lot of stories about women finding it difficult to get pg on number 2! What was your experience?? Was it quicker/longer/the same?! DS came quite quickly we were blessed, only 2 months TTC :-0
jamseyjo Posts: 1132
Luka Posts: 1904
Yes I would be interested to see the replies! We are currently ttc no2 as well. I was very lucky that I concieved first month, on all 3 pregnancies. On month 2 now, & I know thats no length of time really, but I'm a bit over 35 now so just going to have to hope for the best! Best of luck with TTC MrsDr & :babydust: Hope we'll be seeing news by you soon!
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Conceived no 1 within two months but had a mc when trying for no 2. Conceived no 2 straight after mc and had two Mc's trying for no 3. Getting Preg has always been the easy part for us, it's just staying that way. But of course everyone is different and I'm not sure anyone's story will mean a whole lot for your own. Best of luck!!!
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
I was lucky and conceived both boys the first month. Best of luck in another exciting journey
wowza Posts: 556
3 months for first - from when I came off the pill. On the second we didn't actually try, just got a bit of a surprise! It can go either way - I've heard of people having IVF and then conceiving the second naturally, and heard of people getting pregnant straight away on first and it taking longer on the second. The main thing is - Have fun trying! :babydust:
ttc2012 Posts: 661
DS was a surprise, for ttc no.2 i came off the pill in March last ear and waited 3 cycles before trying, got BFP in July but unfortunately MC a few days later, thought we would be back on the wagon that cycle but unfortunately it took 3 1/2 months for things to settle and finally get a normal cycle, no luck in Nov cycle and then got lucky on Dec cycle so i suppose you could say 6 months? We really didnt expect that at all
MrsDr Posts: 1316
Ah thanks girls especially for baby dust, it's going to be another few months has we have holiday booked in June! I'm soooo broody, DS is a little gem and will be 2 in June, he makes me want to have a football team ;) just nervous about expectations I'm putting in myself! Had a scare on DS and a very traumatic labour which resulted in me having liver failure, I'm petrified it'll happen again but urge too strong and docs don't "think" it will so here we are :)
fluffybaby Posts: 174
We conceived our first DS on our 2nd month and then our second pregnancy on the first month of trying but unfortunately we MC that pregnancy. Then got pregnant again within a month of MC (cycle hadnt even returned) and fingers & toes crossed this one is for keeps.
proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
both timees, first go. Didn't even have to try. Now nearly 16 weeks and a happy, healthy 20 month old who drives me round the bend with her antics but who I wouldn't love any other way. Best of luck trying,