Getting signed off work?

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bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
Hey all Just wondering what is the official deal with this? I am hoping to get signed off a few weeks before i am due to finish up as I am very tired and suffering alot so my doc said its no problem (thankfully !!) I want to know will this mean the beginning of my maternity leave or is 'getting signed off' meaning that you go on sick leave until your official leave date for maternity leave Hope this query makes sense Thanks in advance for replies !! xx :wv :thnk
JT Posts: 397
Think that if you go off 4 weeks before your due date, it's treated as your maternity pay. If it's before that, it's probably sick.
mama2E Posts: 670
[b:2wpz5uc9]It totally depends on your company's maternity policy![/b:2wpz5uc9] By law you must start your maternity at 38weeks! I went off sick at 36.5 weeks and "officially" start my maternity tomorrow at 38weeks!!!!!!!! My maternity policy at work states thats any sickness before 38 wks is treated as a normal sick absence! Hope this helps.