GHD Curls, who is going with these?

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charli Posts: 5994
Hi Girls, these GHD curls seem to be growing in popularity, i was thinking of having these done for my wedding day and am wondering what anyone else who has opted for them is doing, half up, half down all down veil or no veil i remember posts on them before, but am trying to finalise exactly what illhave done as the wedding is abroad and i need plenty of pics!! any good pics would be great also, ill do a search too!
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Hiya, Yep after much thought and a hair trial I am going with a half-up, half down GHD curl-do with a veil and a tiara. I will most likely take off my veil after the dinner. I will try to attach some pics for you, from which I got ideas. I have long dark brown hair and some of these feature blondes but if you squint hard enough...... :lol: [img]file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/owen/Desktop/Front%20of%20hair.jpg[/img] Let me see if this image appears first...
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
I'm going with them aswell, for me and the 4 bridesmaids. Think I'll do half up half down as hate having my hair all around my face all day.
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Hi - try this link instead - ... ame=halfup There are some really nice half up-down curly do's and some not so nice - but this is where I got my inspiration. On the subject - I am also worried about the curls falling out very soon afterwards and was wondering if anyone had any tips for keeping them in? I'm going to use a good hairspray but are there any other products targeted at curls that I could try? Thanks a mil
charli Posts: 5994
sweetcan, i too have long, dark hair, thing the half up, half down is best for me too. i have poker straight hair (never had curls like my friends when i was younger :( ) but my sis does the ghd curls sometimes for me when i am going out and they don't fall out, all she uses is hair spary, she does them tights so they fall really nice. had them done in the salon a few times too, the last time it was lovely, but they were kinda loose so by the evening they really had fallen quiet a bit, the tighter the better! leave the salon looking like Shirley Temple and they will fall lovely, promise!
glittergirlrachel Posts: 279
Think I am going to have these too but will probably have them put up as the thoughts of having my hair hanging in my face are already irritating me!!!!! Having a trial in a few weeks so hopefully it will work out but if not then back to the drawing board I reckon!!! Am not leaving the salon until I am 100% happy though cos I will be looking at the pictures forever!
ChloeOct06 Posts: 1466
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Charli - I had a perm when I was about 12 and kept it kinda curly till I was about 17. I have straightened it ever since but it still gets wavy when I wash it. I'm a little worried that all those years of straightening it will feck up the curls. I will ask her to make the curls as tight as possible - thanks for that! H2B actually bought me a GHD curler as a pressie recently. I haven't used it yet but noticed that the girl in the salon who curled my hair was using the exact same one. I could learn to do it myself but don't want any pressure on the day so I'll go back to the salon. Other than that - I'll bring mine with me so that if it starts to flop I can go up to the bridal suite and start a curling! Good luck with yours as well.
pluppy Posts: 3519
sweetcan i have mad wavy hair and my friend is a hairdresser and he showed me loads of time how to do the ghd curls but anytime i've done it myself they look brill and then fall out dont give yourself too much pressure on the morning, get them done properly coz they do last longer
chilledout Posts: 834
I had a trial recently and got the GHD curls and they were fab. My hair is naturally curly so the hairdresser straightened it with the hairdryer and then curled it with the GHD! It seems a bit mad to straighten it and then curl it again but it looked great and was exactly how I wanted it. It stayed in all day and the next, although my hair is kind of wiry so keeps its shape quite well.