gina ford - contented little baby - anyone reading it?

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Millie- Posts: 490
I bought this book on sat after a friend reccomended it. just wondering if anyone had any views on it? I've read the first chapter of so and it seems to make sense. don't want to become totally caught up in it though to the extent that i might feel like a failure if i can't follow it. especially as every baby is different.... would really appreciate anyone elses thoughts on this :thnk
MrsClucky Posts: 440
Millie- Posts: 490
thanks blue baby - i just ordered them on amazon! i really want to try and find out as much as i can before the baby is born about getting them into good sleeping habits (if possible). although i do know people who read these type of books and tried to do them to the button but still had children who didn't sleep so i'll be reading these books for info but not getting stressed if my buba has a mind of their own ... and if they're anything like their father it will be difficult to get them to do what i want :o0
whirly-girl Posts: 760
hey millie - i have the CLB book and used it on DD, she slept al night from 7w. I wasn't regimented and she never slept as long during the day as she was meant to, but i did find the info very helpful. things like sleep rhythms and how long they can stay awake etc. with DD we got up at the same time every morn, she never slept after 5pm in the eve and we had the same bedtime every eve with bath beforehand etc. dont get too caught up in it but the info can be useful!
Idina Posts: 1289
Hi Millie, There lot's of post on this on M&K. to be honest I'd wait until your baby is born before you decide what you are going to do. I let my baby go into his own routine (which he did) I think reading these books beforehand can give unrealistic expectations ...Just my opinion
poppy1deux Posts: 228
Trillian Posts: 1685
I'm in two minds about this woman - she has no kids of her own which I find a bit suspect. She's also very litigious - if you look on any of the sites like Mumsnet they're not big fans. The routine thing makes sense - but that's hardly new is it? My own mother was getting us (my borthers and myself) into routines back in the 70s already (I'm old :-8 ), I'm not so sure Ms Ford's rules are so great or earth shattering. As another poster suggeted a mixture of styles seems sensible - I guess none of us will know until we're facing the wee one?
whirly-girl Posts: 760
Trillian - you're dead right - it's the same routines as our Mums and Granny's had us in for years, GF's writing style can be a bit abrasive and folk sem to think they have to obey every single word she says or else they've failed or the book is rubbish. I'd suggest that anyone who's interested reads it, to get the general gist of things, and then put it to the back of the shelf, no baby will fit the exact time schedules, but almost all babies will need to sleep 2hrs after they wake and will sleep better at night if they don't spend half the day asleep - it's basic common sense. Each baby will fall into a routine that suits them once some cues are provided for them, Baby Whisperer and CLB routines are just about learning the cues and putting them into place.
Millie- Posts: 490
her style is definitly abrasive - not sure i'd like to meet her in person :innocent: am going to read the books before babs arrive i think, just cause i reckon it'll be hard to find the time when they're actually here. I am going to take the info from it and do what you suggest whirly girl, put it to the back of the bookcase then. i don't think a strict routine will work for me but if i can get some sort of loose routine going it has to help make life a little easier with regards to sleep.... i do love my kips :zzzz: :zzzz: :zzzz:
Idina Posts: 1289
[quote:2zbqoamr]i do love my kips :zzzz: :zzzz: :zzzz: [/quote:2zbqoamr] You can say goodbye to them for the first few weeks no matter what routine you follow :weep