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corkmarriedgirl Posts: 147
Hi, Looking for girl name suggestions that go with th girls name mollie. Due in a few weeks and we re struggling with girls names again!!
70schick Posts: 201
Mollie is sweet. Do ye want a name that ends with an "e" sound like mollie? If not, I recently heard of a baby named Tessa, I think it's beautiful. It's nice to hear some older style names making a come back. Kate is pretty too as is Maeve. Rose is lovely too. Good luck with your new bundle and the last few weeks! :lvs
mrsodo Posts: 1292
here are some names i like that i think would go well with Mollie: Anna Charlotte Hannah Grace Good luck over the next few weeks! :wv
mamime Posts: 791
I'm presuming you have already looked at grandparents names and 2nd names, but how about one generation back again? A bit of history in a name is nice. Molly is really cute! I like molly grace best. Molly erin, molly beth, and molly rose is also nice as 70schick suggested.
mrsodo Posts: 1292
I think i misunderstood, i didn't realise you were looking for a 2nd name, thought Mollie was a sibling :-8
corkmarriedgirl Posts: 147
Thanks for all the replies. Mollie is my first dd's name. I ve suggested loads to eh but he has knocked them all!!!