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MrsNov Posts: 446
Hi All I am just gone 7 weeks today, and on Monday I went to the loo at work, and noticed brown spotting. Needless to say, almost collapsed with the shock... I work near Holles Street, and went over to the clinic there, they did a check on my cervix, and a urine test - cervix is closed, and urine test says i am still PG. Told me it is a threatened misscarriage (said any bleeding is classified as such) but not to worry, and to organise an appointment with my consultant and to get a scan. Anyway, Tues morning, same brown discharge when i wipe (no red blood, no cramping), so myself and DH went down to the EPU in OLOL (the hospital where I am due to deliver). hey took bloods to measure HCG, and took me back yesterday for a scan. I was only 6 week and 6 days gone y'day and the doctor said not to get upset if they couldnt get anything on the ultrasound.... which he didnt. So they did an internal scan, and he saw the pregnancy sac in the uterus, couldnt pick up a heartbeat, and said the sac was very small, but that was likely cos i was so early on in the PG. I am back today to get more bloods to see if my HCG is increasing (the bloods from earlier in the week said my HCG levels are normal for my stage). I have just been to the loo aagain, and again, that brown discharge (its like the very end of AF when its more like a discoloured EWCM).... I am sitting here at home on my own just feeling so freaked out. I am trying to remain calm, but i am struggling. Poor DH had to go back into work, and I am trying not to keep ringing him every time i go to the loo...... What do ye think ladies - one other thing - they said that my cervix was quite irritated, and I have been feeling a little tender "in there", i thought it was a UTI. my boobs are KILLING me (cant even lie on my side), and I had a mild bout of MS y'day morning (i havent really had any significant MS at all..). I am in limbo....Due back for another scan next week. Any advice? Thanks. :lvs
Elegance Posts: 2848
mrs nov, you poor thing. first of all you have done everything right. and it looks so positive. only brown blood first of all... that means its old blood.... when its red its more worrying. and no cramping, another brilliant sign. i think that based on all you've said, it looks good. and the fact that you are getting pg symptoms is great too. i started really feeling mine at 7 weeks. as you know that when i had my missed mc back in feb - my boobs were not sore at all. and i didnt' think anything of it at the time. but this preg, omg, my boobs were really sore and tender from around 6 weeks! so its a really good sign that the symptoms are there are strong. i know its horrible waiting, but try not to worry. i'd say that it looks really positive pet. i'll say a prayer that all is well. :xox
marriedinmay Posts: 578
Hello, Did not want to read and not reply :o( I really have had no expereience so can't advise but sure that the girls on here will. Try not to stress, I know easlier said than done O:| Alot of people seem to have these scares on here and go on to have healthy pregnancies :lvs
lila Posts: 982
Mrs Nov - I had bright red/pink blood in the first few weeks. I went to EPU in Holles st and as cervix was closed and HCG levels were increasing, they said it was a good sign and bleeding could just be implantation. I got an internal scan at around 7w+5d and all was ok. Saw the sac and the hearbeat... The fact that you are still having all the pregnancy symptoms is a good thing. Hopefully you will get your latest HCG levels soon and this will confirm everything will be ok.... :xox
Pigglywinks Posts: 46
Hi MrsNov When i was pregnant with my dd, I had brown spotting for a few days round the 7th week. Had a scan round 9 weeks and everything was fine. I was told it can be quite normal. I hope it all works out for you. thisyear
MrsNov Posts: 446
Thanks girls, Its just so hard when we waited so long to get our BFP, and I really didnt expect to have any "blips" along the way. Please god the HCG levels will be increasing.
Wife09 Posts: 873
MrsNov, I know its awful to be in limbo like that. I went through similar and they cant see heartbeating until about the 8 week mark on internal scan. So hopefully everything is ok. I had big bleeds soaking pads and trousers, clotting , cramping, red and brown everything you can think of and this went on from 51/2weeks to about 12 weeks and Im almost 19weeks now and all going well. I am going to send you a wee prayer a girl sent me. Try to take it easy and feet up as much as possible, drink plenty of water. Please god everything will be ok for you, Ill say a little prayer!
corkrebel Posts: 744
Mrs Nov, I was in the same siutation at the start of Oct except I had a really bright red bleed and had a lot of ealry scans ...the first scan at 5w5d cud only see the sac and they constanstly checked my HCG levels which really were not rising as quickly as they should have ben... I was on bed rest for the month and my GP said that it worked as my HCG levels started to rise and the spotting eventually stopped... take comfort that your spotting is so dark and not bright ( as that indicates fresh blood! I knwo that this will be a nerve wracking few weeks for you ....but please God everything will be ok! xxx O:o) O:o)
maggie2009 Posts: 87
MrsNov, try not to worry too much. Same thing happened to me at 7 & a half wks. Light brown blood for two days. I got an early internal scan in Holles Street and they found the bean. I am 9wks now all so good so far. It might be some kind of late implantation bleed or something, it seems to happen to alot of others. Also my spotting was very like the very end of AF/ discoloured EWCM.
babymine Posts: 196
MrsNov I had this last week and went straight into Holles Street. They did an internal scan & couldnt find a heartbeat but the doc doing the scan said that my dates could have been off and to come back in a week. So went back on Monday just gone and had another scan (I ate my way through the week with worry) and there was bean with heartbeat flickering away. My dates were out by 10 days so that would have been why they couldnt see the heartbeat on my first scan. Midwife who did second scan said to me that brown discharge/bleeding is NOTHING to worry about and only to worry if it is red or has clots in it. Did they say if they could see the sac & the fetal pole? Stay strong for you little bean & I'm praying for it to be a sticky. :lvs