Glass tealight holders

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Glittergal Posts: 1504
Does anyone know where I can cheap but nice ones I need about 80 or so to put on glass mirrors
Sunbeam Posts: 2721
I noticed some in Tescos the other day and they were very cheap. I would have bought them for the wedding, but I haven't decided on my table centres yet. HTH
aoifed Posts: 580
One of the suppliers on the site responded to someone about this before and said that they rent them out - 60c including candle, which I think is excellent value. Can't remember who it was but it came up fairly recently. If you do a search, you should find it. HTH
Glittergal Posts: 1504
Hi thanks, Dont really want to rent though and then arrange to give them back it sounds like a bit of a chore sure its probably just as cheap to buy them
workingmom Posts: 3429
Depends how cheap you are looking for them for. I saw 12 frosted votive types with wax candle in debenhams for 9 euro lately. Pennys normally have 3 for 2 euro or something like that. 60 cent each to hire is too much IMHO.
irish bride Posts: 558
Could be worth trying the Fragrance Factory in Malahide, the factory shop there can be quite good to deal with. I did my own centrepieces for the reception and the fragrance factory did a really good deal on the price for us....
mammybean Posts: 10364
i have some i got in blarney woolen mills, the meadows and byrne part. though €4 each if you are looking for 80 may be a bit much? [img:2cjalk0d][/img:2cjalk0d] i was thinking of getting a few for down the isle but said known me my dress would go up
sinion Posts: 6050
Pennys do them, there's 4 in a pack for €1.50, I bought about 17 packs, cleared the shop out of them the day I bought :o0
Glittergal Posts: 1504
Thanks guys I am going to get some at the weekend if they have them in pennys
sinion Posts: 6050
last place I saw them was in Penny's on Henry street, downstairs and beside the bathroom stuff