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TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
cant go for a walk because ill have to go to the loo within minutes of touching concrete (ill thank the twins for that! :o0 ) cant go to pub for obvious reasons.... shops are closed tv is crap! dont have a hangover to nurse... oh what to do...... :o(
cobby Posts: 250
This time next year you will be sorry you ever complained due to having nothing to do so try to enjoy it! Failing that could you do a bit of baking. I love making scones or something equally easy when I'm bored. That way when you get bored again later in the day or tomorrow you can pass the time stuffing your face. I'm sure the twins would approve of the idea.
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
ha ha i know your dead right, dd is 9 now so she is happy out on her bike!! ok im gonna do the lotto and cherish the boredom, next month ill be kicking myself for complaining!!
cobby Posts: 250
That's the spirit!! Would your DD be interested in painting you nails or brushing your hair when she's back home. That's my favourite way to pass the time - though it's hard to convince DH that he should be doing these things for me.
Excitedwife Posts: 1186
Enjoy!!!!! Put your feet up, eat some chocolate and surf the net :o0
gottabfp Posts: 5641
im so bored too,Had family over for dinner, cooking and cleaning from 10 this morning, I just hoovered my car and shampooed the seats! the neighbours will think im mad!
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
You will be sorry for complaining :o0 :o0 I'm a twin and my mom always said that we were "Double Trouble" :o0 :o0 I'm so bored too, feeling so tired all day and just cannot shake it off even though I got a great night's sleep last night :o(