Going to Gennet - cheapest flights to Prague?

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princess tinkerbelle Posts: 811
Hi girls, DH and I are hoping to go to Gennet in Jan/Feb to do ICSI (MFI) and we will be booking Aer Lingus flexi flights on everyone's recommendations. The cheapest flexi fares are approx. €165pp each way at the moment - just wondering will these be cheaper in the Aer Lingus Jan sale (we're not travelling til Jan/Feb) or should we just book now? (Def won't be going before January so don't mind waiting to get cheaper flights.) Sorry, I know someone posted cost of their flights before but can't seem to find it!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
We found Ryanair the cheapest for flights to Prague, skyscanner is a great site you can set up alerts and it emails you any changes. Edited to add I misread your post, just copped you need flexible flights
princess tinkerbelle Posts: 811
Thanks Mrs Sparkle! Need the flexi flights though as might need to change last minute.
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Hi there A gennet mammy here :wv We too booked flexi flights and definitely paid a lot more than what your getting at the mo, if I was you I'd book now as the flexi option takes soooooooooooooooooo much stress away as dates can vary so much depending if AF plays ball, scans after stims ect. At least you can book now and relax not fretting about booking last min flights ect. We too cycled in Feb, 2015 , lil gennet miracle arrived in the November :lvs Have you been to Prague before? Such a beautiful place I have a contact for an apt less than 5 mins from clinic if you want it
princess tinkerbelle Posts: 811
Thanks for the advice suitcase, and great to hear it worked for you. That would be great if you could give me contact details for accommodation - have never been to Prague before but looking forward to seeing it.