Going to see a band tonight-what to wear??

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lbolton Posts: 292
hey ladies, we are going to Kildare tonight to see a potential band play for our wedding, they are playing at a wedding themselves. What should i wear? go really dressy??
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
The one time went I dressed up & got himslef to wear tousers & shirt
wedinmay Posts: 106
where what you would where if you were going to the evening of a wedding, thats what i did... feels a bit strange going to see bands, you feel as if someone going to ask you what are you doing here!
lbolton Posts: 292
yeah H2B is wearing trousers & shirt, think ill have to wear something dressy! not planning on staying there, all i want to do is hear them & see if they dance floor is packed!!
dellyb1 Posts: 2489
id def wear what u would wear going to an afters, two couples came in to our wedding to listen and one couple had on jeans and fleece jackets ?? so obvious they were there to listen and stuck out like sore thumbs the other couple on the other hand actually came up to me and asked could they gatecrash the rest of the night as they were enjoying the band so much,! they were dresses up so just looked like other guests!
Asics Posts: 1935
Best of luck let us know how you get on, do you mind me asking who you are going to listen too? We will have to start listening to bands soon aswell :wv
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Wow delly, you wedding must have been the best party ever for the gatecrashers to ask your permission to stay, go you! What band were they? (if you dont mind me asking)
Ms forgetful Posts: 69
Yea i would defo wear something dressy. We were at my friends wedding reciently and this couple turned up in jeans and stood at the bar. It was so obvious that they were just there to suss the band out, not that anybody minded just for yourself to feel like you blend in with the crowd.
trionae Posts: 128
We crashed our first and last wedding lastnight and never again,I felt so uncomfortable! No-one made us feel uncomfortable but I just felt it! And then a lovely girl came up and asked us were we with the wedding, I nearly died! So we came clean and told her we were just listening to the band! Went to a showcase tonight and it was so much better, felt totally relaxed, could just sit back and listen to the band. So booked the ones tonight, the best men, they were brill!
dellyb1 Posts: 2489
hi littlelily yeah i have to say as all bride prob do :o0 but our band and dj were brilliant, floor was packed all night theyre called one september based in shannon in clare ,they made the whole thing so personal and played the longest hey jude in history towards tghe end of the night but got the whole floor singing along, it was amazing anyway best of luck girls in choosing, its such an important choice so dress up and relax, as i said i really didnt mind when i saw the two couples at mine as we had to do it ourselves