Gonna punch someone in a min!

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Mrs Knockers Posts: 3514
AHHHHHH O:| I have a woman at work who relieves me for my breaks & she wrecks my head - she thinks even though she releives me for 15 mins in the morning & afternoon that she is my boss! Now she has started changing the volumes on my phone (almost shit myself when it rang & was loud enough to deafen an elephant!) I said it to her & she shrugged & laughed - I swear she's gonna catch me on a bad day & I'm gonna punch her!
wowee Posts: 1596
Do it... I dare you >:o) >:o) >:o)
clucky Posts: 26471
I double dare you
Mrs Knockers Posts: 3514
I'd love to I really would! I was emailing my friend in here saying all this just now - she's in the HR dept & emailed me back DONT PUNCH HER - I don't want to have to disapline you!!!! (Of course all of this was off the record!)
wowee Posts: 1596
Could you "accidentally" punch her..... perhaps the stapler could fly out of your hands and just "land" on her head / nose. Freak accidents happen all the time..... >:o) >:o) >:o)
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
paper cut her to death >:o)
wowee Posts: 1596
Do you have a shredder...... >:o) >:o)
Spice Bride Posts: 558
Put super glue on the volume control button
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
put itching powder on the volume button >:o)
Popsy Posts: 229
[quote:kqh9ocq1]paper cut her to death [/quote:kqh9ocq1] PMSL!! :o0 :o0 :o0 Completely understand where you're coming from though Knockers!