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MichelleMyBelle Posts: 1270
Hi girls, OK so I'm thinking about Christmas already! This year we're having the traditional family get together, but we're all doing a course each to make things easier. I've been given the task of Desserts - I'm going to make an 2x Apple Tarts, so there'll be one for boxing day and also going to make Jamie Oliver's Pear and Chocloate Tart. I want one more, but can't think of anything. It needs to be something that can be made the night before and stored overnight and may also stay fresh for boxing day, so fresh cream and fruit is out. I'm asking now as I want to be able to have a couple of practise runs before Christmas. All ideas welcome!! Thanks :wv
streaks Posts: 3592
How about a vanilla pannacotta with a berry coulis, easy to make the day before and will last for boxing day or a malteser or toblerone cheesecake? Then there's always the traditional Christmas pudding?!
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
What about a lemon cheesecake? This is always one of our staple desserts if we've a family gathering as it's easy to do and lasts a good while (well at least it would if it wasn't eaten so quickly!!) I ususally use the recipe on the back of the Philadelphia packet. Alternatively I find Banoffi Pie goes down a treat too, it does have fresh cream but you don't have to put this on until the last minute.
MichelleMyBelle Posts: 1270
Great suggestions girls - I like the idea of a cheesecake, easy to make and everyone likes it. How do you make a toblerone one?! Sounds just FAB!! EDITED TO SAY: I just found the recipe on the Philadelphia website, OMG it just looks amazing! This is going to be the one girls, thanks so much! :thnk
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Snickers cheesecake-yum yum yum yum! Esp with a drizzle of choc sauce! God i'm drooooling now :hic
streaks Posts: 3592
Good luck with it! If you need any help eating the trial cheesecake im sure a few of us wollies would be willing to help you out O:o)
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Baileys and toblerone cheesecake, you can leave out the baileys if you don't like it (I never use it) For the Filling 275g / 10oz Cream Cheese (Philadelphia - has to be full fat) 225g/ 8oz icing sugar 300g Toblerone Crushed (I put it into a food processer - should be crumbly and some chunks in it) 570ml/1pt cream 1-2 tblsp Tia Maria or Baileys (Optional) For the Base 1 pkt choc digestive biscuits / goldgrain 2 oz hazelnuts (optional) 4oz butter/margarine Prepare the base by crushing the biscuits and nuts and mixing butter (no need to melt) Do this in the food processor until all mixed together. Line the bottom of a springform metal cake tin with this mix and smooth out with a spoon (this recipe is for one size of the large tins - though you can adjust to the smaller ones too) Set in the fridge for about 30mins Blend in icing sugar into cream cheese until smooth. Then mix in the toblerone. Whip Cream until fairly stiff and fold into cheese mix, add the baileys or tia marie if required. Smooth the mixture of the biscuit base (flatten the top with a knife or spoon) and set in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Lasts about 4 days once made. One to eat and one to freeze this freezes very well. To make two adjust quantity to 600g cheese, 370g sugar,500g tobleron, and 950ml of cream and just double the base Enjoy- it's really lovely!
Kaycee Posts: 2107
bbc good food, so many to choose from ;)
ott Posts: 3920
It would HAVE to be Christmas pudding for me! I don't touch any other dessert on Christmas day! Going to make mine in three weeks time I hope - my mum was making hers today - we'll have four between the two households (although I'll give one of mine to MIL) :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll On the apple tart front I would highly recommend [url:2dk8p7au][/url:2dk8p7au] I use the Jusroll puff pastry for handiness sake.
streaks Posts: 3592
Mmmmmmmmmmmm that apple pie looks delish ott!! Must try that one out!