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gemini chica Posts: 2581
Girls, just got BFP today so nervous even asking questions yet. From your experience what would you advise, going to a female or male gp? Females are scarce where I am so it means travelling but if its what everyone recommends I'd do it no problem!
Emme Posts: 4735
I think a good GP is a gem, an absolute find regardless of their sex! Good luck and congratulations!!!
Toblerone Posts: 2698
I think a good gp is more important than their sex. That said, my mother is a firm believer in going to a male GP as in her opinion seeing as they don't understand womenly bits they are more likely to be concerned and give sympathy. She had bad experience with female doc who basically told her during her pregnancy with my sister to stop acting as if she was the only woman ever to be pg and in the end my mum had a reason to be concerned!!!! go with someone you are comfortable with asking any and all questions. You need to be able to do that esp at a time like now. Good luck
snowbear Posts: 2107
Sophia Posts: 117
[quote="Emme":l8ldgx8r]I think a good GP is a gem, an absolute find regardless of their sex! Good luck and congratulations!!![/quote:l8ldgx8r] Completely agree with Emme. It's not a matter of what sex they are, it's how approachable and understanding they are and of course how comfortable you feel with them. Huge congrats & hope you have a happy & healthy pregnancy.
babybuzz Posts: 474
have to agree with emme,. its the person not the sex. ive had a few doctors in my time and have met some real beauts... and some not so nice ones of both sexes. i have a female one now but its just his personality that i like if she was male i would still go to her no problem
sapphire09 Posts: 393
My GP is male and I've always gone to him since I was a child so when I got my BFP it didn't even occur to me to change to a female GP. I'm doing combined care too so I go to my GP every few weeks for a check up. I haven't had to have anything other than blood pressure and urine checks with him so I've had no reason to feel embarrassed or anything with him. I'd say go with whoever you feel most comfortable with, male or female. Best wishes and hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!
birdie Posts: 954
Congrats on your BFP! First time around my GP and consultant were both male, and it definitely was not a others have said, once the GP is good it makes no difference whether they're male or female and mine was great, had been going to him for a while so was 100% comfortable with him....... This time both GP and consultant are female, again have been going to the GP for a while though and she's fantastic so I don't think the fact that she's female makes any difference really! If you're having to go to a totally new GP though I'd be inclined to choose a female over a male!!! (Now I don't know if I've helped or just made no sense at all but anyway!)
frangipani Posts: 1543
i agree that it's definitely down to the person, not their gender. i moved house and GPs. i went from a female GP to a male one. initially i wasn't sure about how comfortable i felt going to a male GP and discussing "female" issues. i have to say that that fear quickly disappeared - he couldn't be more caring, helpful or professional, i feel lucky to have him!