Guest wearing dress similar to bridesmaids!

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Antoinette789 Posts: 1
Hey everyone I have a bit of a dilemma and could use some advice..friends of mine abroad asked me for a pic of my bridesmaids dresses.they said it was to show the school so their tween daughter can get time off because they were saying that she was a bridesmaid so there wouldnt be an issue with her getting time off.their daughter is my godchild and i have never asked her to be a bridesmaid.i already have 4 adult bridesmaids and there will be no flower girls etc.they started sending me pics of dresses similar to the bridesmaid dresses saying what about this dress for her even sending me a pic of the exact same dress in a different colour.i asked why they were looking up other dresses when if all they needed was a photo to convince the school so she could get time off but they havent replied.i have a feeling they are trying to dress her as a bridesmaid to push me to give her a bigger role which i think is unfair and stressing me out.i have to approach this delicately because i am the only one in my family still speaking to them and i dont want a row but i dont want to be pushed into something i dont want either.wise words highly needed!
MissyM67 Posts: 337
If they're not going to come straight out and ask if she can be a bridesmaid/flower girl, let them go ahead and spend the money. To be honest I don't think anyone will notice or care, and it doesn't mean you should feel pressured into anything just because of a dress.
CasualBride Posts: 574
that's really annoying but I agree with MissyM67.. let them off if they want to buy a dress that's similar or even the same one - if the girl is only a teenager, in which case I assume she's younger than your bridesmaids, then she's not going to look exactly like your bridesmaids so it's not really an issue.. it'd be different if an adult guest arrived in the same dress with professional makeup and an up-style! It is annoying but I'd just let them off, don't get involved. They asked for a picture, you were good enough to send it, don't continue the dialogue about this issue, for your own sake.. forget about it.
Rasberry Posts: 56
That wouldn't stress me at all I mean realistically how on earth will a teenagers dress colour/style even if it is similar to your bridesmaids impact at all on your day in any way.... let it go not even worth worrying about....