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boodles08 Posts: 13
I am looking for a gym in harolds cross, terenure area, I am a gym phobic, so not interested in working out alongside Victorias secret models in perfect gym outfits!!! :ooh but would really love to get fit and tone up rather than lose weight, i would also like if it had a pool! If anyone can help!?? :wv
gone elsewhere Posts: 1780
boodles08 Posts: 13
Thanks a lot lois will check it out!! Wish me luck!!
sue27 Posts: 604
I've just joined one of Ben Dunne's clubs (Northwood in Santry), and I really like it, I'd say Carlisle is pretty similar, so defo check it out. You can go and get a tour at any time, and most gyms will give you a free trial as well. Once you join they will explain all the machines to you if you ask, and also put an exercise program together for you, if you want to - depending on what you want out of it. I always said the gym wasn't for me (exercised at home with gravity walker, hoola hoop and ipod!) but now we have moved in with the in laws, so I need some exercise. was a bit sceptical, but it's great. give it a go, you won't regret it! PS: I agree with other gyms being a rip off, I don't know how they justify their prices!