Had 30wk scan

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pipn lucy Posts: 330
Hi, I had my 30wk scan yesterday and all 3 babies are fine and still around the 3 pound mark. They gave us a scare though as they couldnt see the third baby properly as its lodged so far into my side :eek and they thought there was a problem with its blood flow and said they would have to deliver next week :eek. We were brought back later in the day by the consultant who did a second scan herself and thank god she said that it is fine and not like they thought originally. I know they would be fine at 31wks but still I would rather get through the next 4wks now for them to get a little bigger and not be in special care unit as long. We also got a tour of the neo unit/special care where they will be for a while depending on when they are born. Omg so scary. Just as went into it the doctors came in with a tiny newborn and were pumping air into it. I had tears in my eyes but apparently baby was grand just getting a helping hand to breathe. At least it prepared us in what to expect. We also saw tiny 1lb and 2lb babies and they were fine so not as worried now mine are at 3lb which is great. Feeling really nervous now that its getting so close. I know they will more than likely be grand but i think Id be the same having them at 31 or 35wks-Id still be worried. Even dh says he doesnt know how he will react when he sees them itl be so scary but excitin at the same time. Im back up to CUMH on Thursday again and also next Monday so Ill be scanned one or twice a week from now on. The time will fly Id say. :wv
maisedon Posts: 1394
Thats fantastic news pipn lucy that your babies are doing so well!!! You have an amazing story and we are all rooting for you and wish you all the very best!!! :lvs :lvs
thunder Posts: 110
Congrats on triplets!!!! You are over the worst of it now, so every day after this they are growing!!! Its very exciting for you and DH I'd say. I can't wait to read your Birth Story, although it could be awhile before you get to use the PC after they are born!!! Best of luck with everything....
pipn lucy Posts: 330
Thanks girls :wv
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
oh my god triplets! glad all is going well and fine weights they all are at this stage!!! are you big do you mind me asking?
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
pipn lucy I'm so delighted everything is going so well with you and the babies, 3 pounds is a great size already. I really can't wait for you to have them so we can all read your birth story and see the pics. :o)ll
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
God Pipin Lucy I cannot imagine what it must be like knowing you are having triplets! I cant get my head around having 1 baby :o0 Best of luck to you all for the next few weeks. I'd say yours will be the most read birth story on here :o0
under construction Posts: 3458
You and the triplets are doing so well, 3lb is a great weight. Like all the other ladies, wishing you all the best and can't wait to read your birth story. Keep doing whatever you are doing, you are doing a fantastic job
pipn lucy Posts: 330
Bombchic- To be honest Im not that big although I feel huge. Everyone I meet keeps saying Im very neat for 3babies I was always a size 14 about but was so sick at start and in hospital all the time that I lost about 2 stone. Think this kinda stood to me. My back is so sore and my stomach aches so much now but thats only happened in about the last 2 weeks so just have to rest for next few now. Other than that Im doing great. :o)ll :o)ll Yeah I will have to write out my birth story and post as soon as possible. Cant wait now. Thanks for the good wishes. :thnk
LoloOct08 Posts: 343
Good luck pipnLucy - we're all rooting for you here. You've done a great job! :o)ll Great to hear all 3 are doing well!