Hair dye while pregnant

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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
My hair was getting very bad as I thought you weren't meant to dye it during prengancy. I asked the midwife in the Rotunda and she said go ahead, it's fine. I also asked a consultant (Professor Malone) in the Beacon Clinic and he said it's absolutely fine. In the hairdressers (Toni & Guy) the stylist seemed fairly well up on it and said that it's fine, but platinum blonde colours can come out different in pregnancy (more yellow), however no risk to baby. So I went and had it coloured (semi-permanent colour). Now I'm googling and although it seems there's no evidence / hard evidence linking hair dye to birth defects in humans, people still aren't 100% sure about it, and for that reason a lot of sites say "for that reason some doctors recommend you don't / don't dye during first trimester" (I'm 11 weeks). Obviously my doctor(s) didn't make that recommendation......but.... Do you think I've done the wrong thing? I did check with 2 doctors beforehand! Argh!
All Loved Up Posts: 135
I had my highlights done last week, an I am about 7/8 weeks. My hair is about 75% grey, so it's just not an option to not get it coloured. I think you have to choose your battles with pregnancy, and assume that if you do 99% of things right then it will probably be alright. I understand some people might object strongly and think hair colour/dye/highlights are dreadful but it's all relative at the end of the day. I will be continuing my normal trips to the hairdresser and take my chances on that one. I quit smoking 6 months ago and I often think what life would be like now if I was trying to get off the fags for the last 3-4 weeks... puts a little bit of hair dye in perspective. As I understand it the hightlights are better than dye as they don't come in contact with the scalp. And I couldn't see any change in colour this time but that could be fun and games if it starts happening down the road!!! Don't be beating yourself up about it. I wouldn't go more often than you absolutely need to but I think there's a lot worse things you could be doing.
maisedon Posts: 1394
Hi Grunge - do a search for old posts on this subject, as there are lots of them. I badly need to have my hair coloured and I did a search last week - I think the general opinion is that highlights are ok, but hair colour that is applied directly to your scalp shouldn't really be done until after you are 12 weeks. I decided to wait until after I'm 12 weeks just to be sure - my hair is nearly black so grey shows up [i:eb9fj10z]very[/i:eb9fj10z] quickly - but I'm going to wait it out and suffer my salt & pepper hair until then!!!! :o0