hair loss after pregnancy and colour

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mrskelly13 Posts: 136
hi there i have a 6 month old dd and have a problem with hair loss.i know this is normal post birth but its really getting me down. :weep for the last couple of months my hair had been falling out really badly especially when i brush and wash my hair. i reckon nearly half of my hair has fallen out :o( :o( :o( and its started to look thin in places :o( i got blood tests done and all were normal my hair needs a colour,does anyone know if getting a colour done at the hairdressers would make the problem worse or would it be ok to get done?? any advise would be appreciated
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
Hi gone to bed, Have to say this part of it is just horrible!! I looked like I had a receeding hair line....I went and got a good short hair cut and a fringe put in to help hide it! Its very important to talk to your hair dresser and explain, any of them worth their salt know what they are dealing with and will advise you on style, colouring and products!!There are shampoos, which are generally salon only, that can really help too!! The good news is IT WILL GROW BACK!! Hope that helps.... :action32
mrskelly13 Posts: 136
thanks for your reply :thnk :thnk
eled Posts: 713
Talk to your hairdresser. My mam is a hairdresser and usually can tell by the person what their hair can handle. It also depends on the brands of colour etc. Most of the time though their is a solution so go get your hair done and it'll give you a boost.