Have all Aug 08 brides got their dress?

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ozzy08 Posts: 272
Hi, Just having a mini panic attack, still have not found 'the one' after trying 13 bridal shops.I am getting married early August . I have seen one dress that I really like and I'm thinking that maybe I'm not the kind to know when it is 'the one'. Did anyone else feel like this? I am not getting this wow factor that I expected to feel with any of the dresses?
baby blue2 Posts: 181
Hi ozzy08 You're not alone on this one! I'm august aswell, & I don't have mine either. I have tried loads of shops & only stood out for me, so I'm going back to try it again.
chennelly Posts: 159
Hey ozzy08, ordered my dress at the end of Nov, so not that long ago really. Took me a few shopping trips to find it though. Some places are a bit funny and are always saying you need to order ages in advance but to be honest some of the shops I went to in London weren't so worried about timescales and I even know a friend who found her dress and took it with her on the day! Keep looking you'll find the right dress for you but don't put so much pressure on yourself to find 'the one'
august belle Posts: 91
i'm august 08 too and ordered my dress a few weeks before xmas, i didn't get the wow factor either but my family did so i went for it. just hope i like it when i go for fittings.
Maggiore Posts: 87
I just got engaged at Christmas and getting married in August. Still looking for an engagement ring and havent even started on a wedding dress! So don't stress - there are plenty of us with even more to do than you! I'm going to start looking soon, so fingers crossed.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Did you go back and try that one you like on again? My dress has been ordered a few weeks now (wedding is july) and like you I tried a few shops but went back to narrow it down and surprisingly trying them on the second time, sometimes you don't get the same feeling and I was able to eliminate a couple. I didn't get the wow factor either with my dress but I didn't want to take it off, which was a good sign! I put this down to me being totally bamboozled with various dresses and it can be quite an emotional time as well.
oddy Posts: 177
I'm getting married at the end of August and I ordered mine in September'07. And yes it was the very first one I tried on but only in a differnet shop and couple of weeks after having it on first.
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
I ordered mine last week, and it was the first one I tried on. Nothing came close afterwards. Why not try doing a search online, see if you can find one you like and then go and try it on?
Bride2B02/08/08 Posts: 86
Ozzy08, don't panic you still have lots of time. I like you went to loads of shops, it gets abit tiresome! Saw some lovely dresses along the way but wasn't getting the WOW factor that everyone talks about. Finally in the last shop i went too found a lovley dress, not sure i got the wow but friends with me thought it was fab and like some of the others said did'nt want to take it off so that was good enough for me. You will find it, dont stress. :wv
s wife Posts: 1445
i bought mine in oct i have to say i didnt get the wow factor not sure if its just me but the dress i got is lovely and realy suits me,i was alittle worried as from this site i read that so many girls get this wow factor adn they know the one ,but that just wasnt me ,but im happy with my choice plus it helped that the bridesmaids loved the matching dresses to mine( i think thats why i got it )