Hearing Babies Heartbeat in docs??

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lellikelly Posts: 891
Hi girls, just wondering does any of you know what week you should be able to hear babies heartbeat at your normal Gp's? Dying to hear it now at this stage, feels so long ago since my first scan :wv
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
You should be able to hear it now. I know I could even pick it up on the home doppler at that stage and then with a stethoscope very soon.
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
My doc picked it up at 13 weeks but it was really hard to find and disappeared after 2seconds (wriggly baby). She's found it about 3 times since (I'm a regular visitor to the doc with my pelvic complications) and it's getting easier to find (20 weeks) but the baby won't stay still for too long... Has your doc tried to find it yet? We were searching for ages the first day as the fundus was only just over the pubic bone so the bone was hiding it
lellikelly Posts: 891
Ah thanks girls, no i havent been to docs since my first scan, am due to go in to him next week and just wondering if he will be able to hear the heartbeat, it would be great to hear it and know everything is ok :wv So tempted to by one of those home doppler things but god if i couldnt pick up a heartbeat id loose my life :eek
littlemama Posts: 471
i was wondering the same thing last week as i went to my GP for a check up. he couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler but he warned me in advance that he probably wouldn't pick it up. he said it can be up to 18 weeks before hb is found with handheld doppler.
Ochre Posts: 877
Lelli, I'm trying to remember which appointment it was - it was between my first appointment with consultant and the big scan and I was with the GP and she could only just find it and while she could hear it, I couldn't. I think I was about 16 weeks so maybe go in with the hope that you'll hear it (and you probably will) but have in the back of your mind that bubs might be wriggling about like a mad yoke on the day, just so you're not too disappointed. One cool bit of advice that I was given was to tape it on your mobile - my DH didn't get to hear it till our big scan at 20 weeks (and even then, it was only when I asked the scanner to let him hear it and then she coughed the whole way through it so he could barely hear) - so by taping it, he'd have heard it sooner. I thought it was a nice idea :-8
CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
Hi lelli my gp first tried to hear heartbeat when I was 16 weeks, but even at that stage she told me it would be hard to find. It took ages but she found it eventually!! :lvs