height and weight when found out you were pregnant

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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi all :wv I hope you don't think i am being nosey but i am curious about what peoples frames are when they got pregnant. The reason is that I was overweight when I realised I was pregnant – I weighed 13st 6 on day I got my BFP….This was week after new year and I think I had put on 4-5 lbs over Christmas and am now weighing at 13st 11lbs at 21 weeks. My nurse weighed me in the hospital at 13 weeks and was 85.5 kgs (which is I think 13 st 6lbs) but didn’t really comment on it being a problem though said to me to try and only put on around 15 lbs throughout the pregnancy so that I don’t have excess to lose after. I am only 5 ft 2in which is small and this is the heaviest I have been – at my smallest (when I met hubby) I was 10st and have seen the weight go on over last 2 years after stopping going to gym and exercising – also are you all doing some form of exercise – I am not doing anything at all – in the beginning because I could barely get to work and home I was that tired and I find if I walk any distance I am out of breath. I don’t mean to offend anyone by asking this question and only answer if you want to or if you have any tips comments for me. Thanks
luigi Posts: 867
Interesting topic; I know its probably about being overweight but being underweight is a concern to the doctors too. I've always been underweight, with irregular AF, the works, but it has been my natural frame. So at conception I was 5'4'' and weighed 7st 12lb By the time he was born I weighed 10st 13lb so put on over 3 stone, I really wanted to keep an extra 1/2 stone of baby weight but it all just fell off and im as scrawny as ever with droopy to add to that description now :( I just wanted to say to you Mrs Maternal, that the tiredness you are experiencing also affected me really really badly and I think its more a symptom of pregnancy that a weight issue so dont feel too bad, and the breathless was similar too and only got worse for me too.
jen2 Posts: 3106
Tirdness and been short of breath seems to come with pregnancy. I have that to, dont think it has anything to do with weight. I am 5ft 8" and was 10st 4 lbs when I got pregnant. I am jsut over 24 weeks now and weigh 10st 13lbs. So I have put on 9 lbs. Hoping not to put on more than 18lbs in total. But that is because I only put on 16 lbs on daughter and 18 lbs on dear son. I had worked so hard to lose weight for the wedding I dont want to put it all back on. But am still eating well. Jen2
Moet for me Posts: 1841
I was just over 10 stone when I got BFP and I went up t 13.5 stone which was a big weight gain for pregnancy. My advice would be to try to stick to within recommended limits as I have found it impossible to lose all the weight. Also I think gaining the weight made the pregnancy more uncomfortable and definitely was a feature in the c section at the end I doubt I was fit enough for natural even if it had been an option I had gotten very unhealthy. I really did the eating for 2 thing but in my case it was for 2 adults not 1 adult and one person who needed an extra 300 cals a day. I think if you can at all try to at least keep relatively fit by going for regular walks especially nice in summer and that is probably even more important than the weight.
littledolly Posts: 393
Mrs Maternal As jen says, tiredness and shortness of breath seem to come with pregnancy. My shortness of breath is really random. I can swim like the clappers, and brisk walk no problem, yet sometimes I can be out of breath climbing the stairs! I feel like I have put on a lot of weight, and my bump is really neat, so it's not going there! I conceived on honeymoon, and got my BFP just before Christmas, so had put on quite a few pounds over that period. I would say I have put on about a stone since about week 8 and am now 11st 4lbs. I'm 5ft 5. I have been exercising, and eating healthy things, but I have also been eating quite a few sweets too! Went through a period of having take-aways once or twice a week, which I'm not used to, but have cut that out in the last few weeks. I wouldn't worry too much about things. As long as you feel pretty much OK, and the doctor is happy with you and the baby, you can worry about loosing weight afterwards.
Rocky Posts: 465
Hi, I'm 5ft and when i got my BFP I was 9 stone 1 - at 13wk hospital visit i was 9 st 11. I haven't weighed myself since must do it tonight, i'm afraid to look to be honest. For the 1st 12 wks it was lent so i stayed off all sweet things but now i'm eating rubbish (sweets, taytos, biscuits) to beat the band. still eat all healthy food too though and try to walk every night. On the bloated feeling, i have this since the start of the pregnancy too and never had it before this. i think you shouldn't worry unless the doctor tells you otherwise, just be really happy that you are going to have a lovely baby at the end of the time - wish you the best of luck :wv :xxx
Perci Posts: 3847
I'm like you Luigi, 5ft 3in and 7st 10-12lbs although I think that makes my BMI just within normal. I'm nearly 12 wks and a bit concerned that I haven't gained any weight yet. I suppose it made sense in my head that the thinner you are the earlier you'll show but I guess that's not the case.
happywife Posts: 1575
intersting topic and something that has been playing on my mind since me & Dh started dicussing TTC which we plan to start next month - I am overweight and trying to loose the weight I have put on since wedding more than a stone :eek and while ideally i would like to be down a stone or stone and half we are going to crack on with the TTC fom reading here I knwo it may not happen first go - am worried about how much weight I will put on being pregnant and how hard it will be to shift afterwards - being honest though once we can have a healthy baby I dont mind its just my own health long term I'm concerned about
Cowslip Posts: 761
Hi there, I am with you Mrs Maternal on the out of breath thing. I get out of breath climbing stairs, and I can't walk very fast any more, I get a pain in my side when I do. Only gaining five pounds in 21 weeks sounds very good though. I think you are doing well ! I am 5ft 1in and weighted 8-13 when I got pregnant. I am 10-3 now, so I have put on 18 pounds. I wasn't great for the first trimester, I went 6 weeks without exercising at all with Christmas at the end of that six weeks just to make sure I put on a few pounds. I think I had put on 4 pounds by week 13, and have put on roughly a pound a week ever since. I exercise every day and am still feeling quite fit and I eat healthily, I eat junk food sometimes but not every day and my main meals are usually healthy, I eat some chocolate every now and again. Everyone is different I suppose. Although I was slim when I got pregnant, I take weight easily so I wasn't expecting to have a particulary low weight gain during pregnancy, but I was hoping to to be around the two stone mark, but if I keep going the way I am, I will be closer to 2.5 stone by the time I deliver...
Miki Posts: 309
im 5 foot 7 and was 10stone 3lbs when i got pregnant. Now I am 36wks and weigh 12stone 7lbs. is that too much? to be honest, i havent really worried about my weight at all. Normally i am very careful about what i eat. since getting pregnant i've pretty much ate what i've wanted. I've been eating healthy enough, not pigging out but if i want a bar of choc i'll have one!