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lemon21 Posts: 366
hello ladies! summertime is coming so lets get rid of those extra pounds! im 5.5 and 11 stone! i think 9 stone is healthy for my height. reply with your height + weight and lets get motivated! im planning to loose these 2 stone by july, by going to gym 4 times a week and eathing healthy,small portions 6 times a day!
venice Posts: 242
Hi I'm 6ft, 9st 12lbs and would like to lose about 8lb before July. But like you i havent got to gym yet, really have to start moving!
lemon21 Posts: 366
hi venice!i think 9st12 is just perfect for your height!wish i was taller
venice Posts: 242
Good things come in small packages! :wv
windycity Posts: 2241
im 5'5 and 8.5 stone.. fluctuate though up to 9 stone at times
jaslene Posts: 27
Hey girlies, I'm 5foot 6 and 10 stone... think i'd like to be 9 stone but can't handle anymore fads!!! Only way to do it is regular exercise and healthy eating! :o)ll
jalba Posts: 20
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
im 5ft 5 and a half :o0 (very important) about go between 8.10 to 9st prefer the 8.10 :o0 :o0
AliceB Posts: 495
I'm 5Ft 1" and at my heaviest ever weight now of 11Stone 10lbs. Really not happy with it. Size 16 or so. I had my son 16months ago and about a month later was down to about 10stone and getting there but as soon as I stopped BF it all piled on. Totally my own fault. Kept eating at same rate but not using up calories. Really need to start exercising cos my diet isn't that bad... problem is sitting at a desk all day, late home in evenings and no motivation to get out.... Would love to be even 9 stone (even 10 wouldn't be so bad)...
LadyMary Posts: 1050
5'3 and 8 stone 3 pounds. On my wedding day i was 7 stone 11 pounds. I'm very petite in general. I use to be 9stone 7 and i looked like i ate a small child :o0