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blondiechick Posts: 1641
Anyone in the same boat?? I am waking up with headaches and have them all day long til I go to bed at night. I have had them for the past week (with the exception of one headache-free day at the weekend). They feel almost like bad hangover headaches...all over my head. Rubbing my temples almost makes them worse. The back of my neck is sore, my whole head is sore. I am battling on without taking anything for them. Anyone similar experience? Did they last long? I am over 14 weeks at this stage,....I thought it was meant to get easier now!
Momma Posts: 427
I have suffered with these. My first pregnancy was def the worst. All you can do it lie in a dark room, drink tons and tons of water and try get some sleep. If this doesn't work after a day or two I would probably call your GP. I had one that lasted almost 30 hours a while back and did call the doc who suggested I might take half a paracetemol but I didn't and it did go away Its hormones trying to balance themselves, it will get better!!! but def mention to either GP or at your next app. HTH
wishdust Posts: 61
Girls - aqre you drinking enough water? I had a thrasher of a headache on Saturday and on Sunday - in the afternoon I drank 2 pints of water andit cleared up by the evening.
pipette Posts: 16
Hi, I use the Origins Sensory Therapy "Peace of Mind". It's a small bottle with a peppermint smelling lotion in it. You just rub a drop or two on the back your neck / ear lobes or temples. You can alsohold a drop or so just under your nose and take a deep breath or two. It has worked for me - so I'm carrying a bottle in my handbag all the time now! Hope it helps! Pip :wv
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Thanks girls. I have my first apt. with consultant tomorrow so will mention it then. It's even got worse since this morning. I wish these headaches would go away. Good tip about the peppermint Pip. I will try that. Thanks